Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Attention

When you are back to work after hospitalization or the likes, it is just natural for people to be a bit more friendlier to you, especially colleagues and people who deal a lot (and not quite a lot!) with you. The extend of friendliness varies. Some are very genuine, you can sense the camaraderie in their words, their face, in the air. Definitely friendly and sincere....regardless of their positions.
Of course, there are those who are not as genuine as them. You can sense it when they are talking to you - words are delivered in a rush, no eye contact, no facial expression...which can naturally translates to - lack of sincerity.
Probably the worst would be the ones who insist that they know what you have to endure (ohh...that miserable experience) and insist they know the subject and try to put up some facts about it but never actually managed to get it right. Even worse than that, when these bunch try to be knowledgable and in control and start telling you what you should have and should have not done and give some "friendly advice for your own benefit". How wise of them.
Damaging but they are not the one in your shoe, so what else can you do but just listen, smile and try (so damn hard!) to be nice.

Oh...even worst than the last one mentioned above, I would say, would be those who actually were NEVER ever listed in your buddy list - not even in your very very very distance buddy list - but somehow started to get in touch with you and the first point revealed - they want to help you recuperate, they are SELLING some products that have proven to be successful and perhaps you should consider trying (read: BUYING IT FROM THEM..or their "downline"...DUH!).
With all due respect to them as human beings trying to become successful business persons (and perhaps get a frigging HONGDA or BlingblingBeemer from the top-most line for being able to achieve super-quadriple-platinum class downliner), don't you wish that they just please be a bit more sensitive and considerate to you as human beings too?!!

Have been joining buddies for lunch and after office drinks but could not really put my mind to the topics discussed. Distracted. Perhaps not interested in the topics after all. Most probably, not in the mood. The mind is somewhere, roaming & thinking. It's like a spontaneous thing, if the topic is not within the liking, the mind would just re-route itself, scanning for anything more meaningful to the heart. Pre-occupied with other stuffs perhaps, unconsciously.

I realized that nowadays I seem to prefer to think and talk (write) about more really really realistic things, things closer to our life, things that we can/ should do while we still have the time and chance to do so.
And I think I am really in a total war against braggarts, those boasting around blindly, talking without thinking and considering the feelings of the people around them, about things that they probably do not have a clue about but trying to impress others. They know everything and they have everything.
Well, I bet nobody will be impressed, infact, nobody wants to be impressed, so, for once, why can't they just stop tyring to impress somebody for just one day in their life!

Heck...given the chance, I would not want to be on the same galaxy with these odious beings.

Note to self: Never buy coleslaw from that supermarket again......euughhh!
On top of that I may have found the worst Chef in the whole Galaksi Bimasakti when I experienced the hospital food at that specialist center. Some people, they just seem to fail to understand that what they cook/ make is supposed to be edible - TO HUMAN BEINGS. Perhaps they never actually tasted their self made food. Perhaps their taste buds needs re-alignment. Perhaps they never received any negative feedback about they terrible products. Perhaps people close to them are too coward to spit out the truth and opted to be miserable and endure the torment for as long as they live!
These idiotic chefs should be asked to be toilet cleaners instead....if they can't even smell how bad their cooking is, perhaps by being toilet cleaners, their sense of smell could be fixed....or at the very least, they should not have any problem with the job....they are used to produce food sthat smell like s**t.....I dunno how s**t taste so I can't say they produced foods that taste like one! Maybe these chefs have tasted s**t and decided its the best taste they have tasted in their live?

Yeah it's history already but just wanna include it here....
Since I have to really be hydrated....finally got my first SIGG bottles.....two. The Black Logo 0.75L for me and the Logo On Red 0.6L for my lovely wife. Understood about the SIGG history and stuffs at least two years back. I guess once you are addicted to technology or appreciate technology, you will always be attracted to buy stuffs (which you can afford) to experience the technology yourself. Am now hunting for the cutlery set from SIGG....
Why SIGG? Simply because I know and I can....and as I mentioned in my other earlier entry, I prefer to run with the wind, whenever possible.

Why should you follow others when you know you are not going to be comfortable being with the others.....

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