Sunday, April 23, 2006


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

At about 1am, I found myself on this cool high-tech bed in room 454 Sentosa Medical Centre Kajang. My first time being warded for decades. Last was way back in the early 1990s due to taekwondo injury - a second operation in 2 years - which my parents did not knew of! (I just have to save them the worrying part...and me from their lecture for being too active in sports that time!)
This time its not due to sport injury but a bloody viral fever. Dammit. Not just the fooking virus robbed my weekends to spend with my kids, not I have to lie down and go through loads of blood tests - its really annoying. I HATE VIRUS! I HATE YOU, FOOKING VIRUS!

Thursday, April 20, 2006
It’s not getting any better. It looks like I will be here for a couple more days. Farking dengue is confirmed, blood platelets was recovering then suddenly it dropped again. Farking fever came back yesterday evening.
But the breaking news is they found me positive for Hepatitis-B. Great.
So what’s next? Sit & lie down on this bed and wait for more tests & monitoring, while occasionally swallow the really bad tasting foods they prepare.
Am not really concerned about the farking dengue anymore. It’s the Hepatitis-B that is worrying me now. Damn it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006
Was discharged mid Friday, to my relief.....and still on medication and have to come back for Hepatitis-B treatment in 2 weeks time.
Still "weng" but I have miss my kids too much. Went morning stroll, and swimming at their cousin Raiyan's on Saturday.
Have to spend my energy to recuperate fast and NEVER get this stupid thing again. I HATE!

Let’s Get Out Of Focus.....
I have been watching TV most of the time in this room. No satellite TV, just the normal channels. Today I kinda think that I may wanna try gardening as a hobby. Looks interesting and cool.
Maybe I’ll sell off my old trusty down-hiller and get a decent hard-tail bicycle with two tyre sets, off-road & road use. If I have the dough I would also want to get a motorbike, something that has always been a KIV thing in my life.

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