Monday, April 03, 2006

The entry after the previous entry....

I just do not have anything nice to write when it comes to the past few weeks flashback in the office....last couple of weeks was very very hectic. The requirement at work is draining my energy.

How I wish for a longer weekend so that I spend it with the kids.

But actually, we had quite an outing the last two weekends.

Last two weekends we went to Uncle Bawal’s place. Mama & Auntie Eileen has some business deal, me & Bawal have some borak and tried out his wi-fi signal strength around the big compound and the kids had a great time with Zarief & Ija. Dah lama sgt tak balik kampung, they were excited to see the ayam & “baby ayam” as Naufal casually put it, and they were astonished to see a peacock for the first time! Naufal was too curious, put his finger too far inside the cage and the peacock gave him a friendly bit....he ended up crying and hating that big bird!
Almost the whole day was spent there, they really enjoyed the trip.

The week after that, which was last weekend, they went to Erja’s birthday party. Everybody was delighted, including Baby Aliya....

They had a really good time! Especially when Uncle Achoncho did well in Albert Park Melbourne...hehheh!

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