Wednesday, April 12, 2006



Those drinks that have decors on the side of the glasses, always amazed me when I was a kid. You know, the slice of fruits they pun on the rim of the glass, some goes to the extend of having something umbrella like on it. The likes of those. I was always fascinated with these drinks when I was a kid. Although the color was black & white (no color TV when I grew up in kampung) I managed to picture it as colorful as possible. in fact I tried to memorize some of the names for those drinks - when the actors placed their order to the waiter/ waitress. Unfortunately, I could not recall any now!


My inbox is always a challenge for me....dealing with data and preso for the whole of the organization, it will easily overshoot the allocated quota. Therefore, “un-welcomed” e-mails are definitely always.....erk un-welcomed! Annoying is just too mild a word to describe it. There was this un-welcomed e-mail that have been messing my inbox the past few days. In the first place I was not supposed to be in their mailing at all, the person who originated the e-mail mistakenly included my name as one of the cc recipients - which normally means I am either the superiors of those who receives the e-mail or I am in the working team that oversee whatever these bunch of people are doing.

Well, I am definitely not both, so being a nice chap that I am, I send a notification only to the originator and the person admitted the mistake done. I informed the person not to worry since the communication is meant only for some group of people, I have deleted the e-mails mistakenly sent to me. Of course it did not stop there.

The actual recipients of the e-mails started to respond to the e-mail of their attendance to some meeting or whatever - replying to ALL. This should really annoy any executive who are focused to complete his/ her duties....but apparently some donkeys in the mail list still have no idea how to respond to e-mail and what are the basic ethics of using e-mail.

So I politely asked them - yes ALL IN THE LIST - to respond only to the originator, PLEASE. I did not include in there I was not supposed to be in the list at all in the first place and with that small (stupid) mistake my inbox that’s already nazak on daily basis will be even worse. And again...the e-mail did not stop there.

A very smart donkey decided to become very very smart and replied to all - with reasons why he responded to all in earlier e-mail (yes, the donkey replied to all). I don’t want to waste my time and brain cell to read it twice, replied to the donkey, thanking him for his explanation and notifying him I was not supposed to be in the list after all. If he’s really pandai then he’ understand how it feels to get this annoying one liner from his group lah. But then again being a donkey trapped in human form, I pity him for not being able to do so. Definitely he's not as pandai as expected by really really bodoh nak mampus and to top it all, very very skima nak mampus jugak! And then the originator asked to put a stop to this - oh how convenient! It was her mistake in the first place.

Donkeys will be donkeys....and apparently the group was on some leadership development shit or wonder executive with correct mind & focus (read: non kiss-arse bastardos) are not impressed with majority of current and future leaders.


Come to think of it...I do see donkeys use BlackBerries, Commies, state-of-the-art windoze machines, maybe they drink from those fancily decorated glasses I mentioned above....yeah I bet...these are the high flyers bunch of the commpany - by the topic of the discussion and the skima responses....bodoh punya bastardos.

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