Thursday, April 27, 2006

27th. April 2006


Today, Aliya is already 4 months old. She is now capable to roll-over and be in the "meniarap" position and raise her head high, very high. My baby is growing so fast. Apart from her own set of toy car keys that makes sounds, her favourite toy would be Lionel the lion, used to be owned by Alisya. She can wrestle with the lion for so long ignoring whoever is around. She is growing well. Her only problem would be her sensitive skin. She has a really fair & silky soft skin but rather very sensitive to heat and perhaps stuffs Mama eats - being on full breastfeeding. It's obvious that she kinda prefers to be in her baby-carrier rather than the Zapp most of the time we bring her out. With her face facing in front, she'd be wiggling in excitement whenever she sees anything of interests to her.

She's just too cute....


Happy 4th month Aliya!

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