Friday, April 28, 2006

28th. April 2006


Today is Alisya's baby girl is now 3 years old and she's growing really well. My girl is turning to be a very smart and cheeky lady, with a very strong characteristic of being a caring type of leader.


I just love her much and much and much much much more every day.

Happy 3rd. Birthday Kak Long!

P1120350Eheheh!!! Talk about lookalikes!!!! My baby Alisya is the one on the left, next to her is her buddy Faizin...who has a kid bro that kinda looks like Naufal!, which one is which?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

27th. April 2006


Today, Aliya is already 4 months old. She is now capable to roll-over and be in the "meniarap" position and raise her head high, very high. My baby is growing so fast. Apart from her own set of toy car keys that makes sounds, her favourite toy would be Lionel the lion, used to be owned by Alisya. She can wrestle with the lion for so long ignoring whoever is around. She is growing well. Her only problem would be her sensitive skin. She has a really fair & silky soft skin but rather very sensitive to heat and perhaps stuffs Mama eats - being on full breastfeeding. It's obvious that she kinda prefers to be in her baby-carrier rather than the Zapp most of the time we bring her out. With her face facing in front, she'd be wiggling in excitement whenever she sees anything of interests to her.

She's just too cute....


Happy 4th month Aliya!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Running with The Wind

April 24th. 2006

Came back home, very happy to meet the kids after a long day at the corporate zoo. ....and before long, I became McGuyver. Found the KOSS UPS was not "breathing", with the help of manual and using the tools I carry everywhere in my Crumpler, managed to revive it after changing the fuselage....only to realize the phone jacks are not working. Nothing wrong with all the phone cables, phone & modem work fine if surpass the UPS. Conclusion (for tonight) the phone jacks of the UPS are fried. There goes half of the UPS. Have to find alternative ways to protect the phoneline/ modem connection. For the time being had to gamble and let the modem connection goes bare and plug everything out everyday before going to the zoo. That's a free solution for now. For a non free solution, have to get an alternate UPS and use the KOSS as a backup protection at the hall......or get a surge protector just for the frigging phoneline & modem.

I'll have to sleep over it before deciding what to get....or build....

Meanwhile, here's what I managed to clock over the day, using Dino....

I never thought how I would actually react to find out I am infected by Hepatitis-B. It seems that I do not have to think now, I am already infected and how I reacted was quite irrelevant. Whether I take it positive or negative, its going to be there with me. So why bother lament about it, I'd rather continue with what's left of my life and enjoy it while I am still allowed to do so.
Deep inside, I am praying hard I will have the opportunity to be around when my kids have their own children before I finally throw the white hanky to this virus. Its a long shot but I might as well get prepared and praying is the most important part of the preparation, any preparation at all.
Other than that, I am continuing to work already. First day in office today. It seems a bit quiet, most of the blokes are attending courses. I am supposed to attend one but am being replaced, which is good actually, I need some time to go through the e-mails and stuff.
There is nothing much I could do about the bloody virus now, so might as well get on with life and see what's come in the package in 2 weeks time.

Last night was a treat, the San Marino race. Was wishing for Renault 1-2 but you cannot win them all, all the time. It will make the industry boring. Schumacher did well - as expected, no two ways about it since its their track and the characteristics are to their advantage. Seeing Alonso chasing the hell out of that Ferrari was a treat, though he started on 6th position with a used engine from last race. If that's the best Ferrari can offer to stage, I have no doubt, Renault will clinch the titles again this year. Yeah, titles, plural.
Yuji Ide is a disgrace. So is Jenson Button & his lollipopman. Overall, it was quite a boring race - half of the field was never seen on the screen. Tifosis are really not worth mentioning, no spirit of competition, boo-ing the other than their Fartrari cars. Just show how bad a loser they are lah kan?

Now, back in the office after a speedy lunch with The Kimster, I am thinking what to do next. I sure have a lot to handle - am not sure where to start - but I just cannot set my priority at work now. The office is too quiet, still.
Maybe I should just check the stock of my part-time business. Yeah. Maybe. Collection of payments would be a bonus's almost pay-check time!

I was supposed to attend a training but a replacement was found due to the fact that I was hospitalized and may be on MC. It was a relief actually, my concentration is minimal and still weak to deal with office stuffs - at least that's what I feel.
There will ba another sort of training tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and I was asked whether I could stand-in to replace a colleague who could not make it due to some arrangements. I definitely am not ready for I told everyone I am not strong enough to stand-in. I should attend the training I was supposed to attend instead of attentind as a stand-in. Anyways, we'll see how it goes.

Why do we run with the crowd? We may not realize it but we always run with the crowd. there was this one advert, years ago that has the catchy phrase of : Why run with the crowd when you can run with the wind?
Cannot recall what advert was that now but it has always been in my mind, that phrase. It's cool & catchy, very catchy indeed.
And that's what I have been trying to do, all my life. I just hate being in the crowd, always trying to run away from it and be a bit different from the others, not to the extend of being a weirdo. Not totally different but in bits & pieces. It's satisfying, to a certain extent. Damaging? Not quite, not really....not at all actually.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

At about 1am, I found myself on this cool high-tech bed in room 454 Sentosa Medical Centre Kajang. My first time being warded for decades. Last was way back in the early 1990s due to taekwondo injury - a second operation in 2 years - which my parents did not knew of! (I just have to save them the worrying part...and me from their lecture for being too active in sports that time!)
This time its not due to sport injury but a bloody viral fever. Dammit. Not just the fooking virus robbed my weekends to spend with my kids, not I have to lie down and go through loads of blood tests - its really annoying. I HATE VIRUS! I HATE YOU, FOOKING VIRUS!

Thursday, April 20, 2006
It’s not getting any better. It looks like I will be here for a couple more days. Farking dengue is confirmed, blood platelets was recovering then suddenly it dropped again. Farking fever came back yesterday evening.
But the breaking news is they found me positive for Hepatitis-B. Great.
So what’s next? Sit & lie down on this bed and wait for more tests & monitoring, while occasionally swallow the really bad tasting foods they prepare.
Am not really concerned about the farking dengue anymore. It’s the Hepatitis-B that is worrying me now. Damn it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006
Was discharged mid Friday, to my relief.....and still on medication and have to come back for Hepatitis-B treatment in 2 weeks time.
Still "weng" but I have miss my kids too much. Went morning stroll, and swimming at their cousin Raiyan's on Saturday.
Have to spend my energy to recuperate fast and NEVER get this stupid thing again. I HATE!

Let’s Get Out Of Focus.....
I have been watching TV most of the time in this room. No satellite TV, just the normal channels. Today I kinda think that I may wanna try gardening as a hobby. Looks interesting and cool.
Maybe I’ll sell off my old trusty down-hiller and get a decent hard-tail bicycle with two tyre sets, off-road & road use. If I have the dough I would also want to get a motorbike, something that has always been a KIV thing in my life.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006



Those drinks that have decors on the side of the glasses, always amazed me when I was a kid. You know, the slice of fruits they pun on the rim of the glass, some goes to the extend of having something umbrella like on it. The likes of those. I was always fascinated with these drinks when I was a kid. Although the color was black & white (no color TV when I grew up in kampung) I managed to picture it as colorful as possible. in fact I tried to memorize some of the names for those drinks - when the actors placed their order to the waiter/ waitress. Unfortunately, I could not recall any now!


My inbox is always a challenge for me....dealing with data and preso for the whole of the organization, it will easily overshoot the allocated quota. Therefore, “un-welcomed” e-mails are definitely always.....erk un-welcomed! Annoying is just too mild a word to describe it. There was this un-welcomed e-mail that have been messing my inbox the past few days. In the first place I was not supposed to be in their mailing at all, the person who originated the e-mail mistakenly included my name as one of the cc recipients - which normally means I am either the superiors of those who receives the e-mail or I am in the working team that oversee whatever these bunch of people are doing.

Well, I am definitely not both, so being a nice chap that I am, I send a notification only to the originator and the person admitted the mistake done. I informed the person not to worry since the communication is meant only for some group of people, I have deleted the e-mails mistakenly sent to me. Of course it did not stop there.

The actual recipients of the e-mails started to respond to the e-mail of their attendance to some meeting or whatever - replying to ALL. This should really annoy any executive who are focused to complete his/ her duties....but apparently some donkeys in the mail list still have no idea how to respond to e-mail and what are the basic ethics of using e-mail.

So I politely asked them - yes ALL IN THE LIST - to respond only to the originator, PLEASE. I did not include in there I was not supposed to be in the list at all in the first place and with that small (stupid) mistake my inbox that’s already nazak on daily basis will be even worse. And again...the e-mail did not stop there.

A very smart donkey decided to become very very smart and replied to all - with reasons why he responded to all in earlier e-mail (yes, the donkey replied to all). I don’t want to waste my time and brain cell to read it twice, replied to the donkey, thanking him for his explanation and notifying him I was not supposed to be in the list after all. If he’s really pandai then he’ understand how it feels to get this annoying one liner from his group lah. But then again being a donkey trapped in human form, I pity him for not being able to do so. Definitely he's not as pandai as expected by really really bodoh nak mampus and to top it all, very very skima nak mampus jugak! And then the originator asked to put a stop to this - oh how convenient! It was her mistake in the first place.

Donkeys will be donkeys....and apparently the group was on some leadership development shit or wonder executive with correct mind & focus (read: non kiss-arse bastardos) are not impressed with majority of current and future leaders.


Come to think of it...I do see donkeys use BlackBerries, Commies, state-of-the-art windoze machines, maybe they drink from those fancily decorated glasses I mentioned above....yeah I bet...these are the high flyers bunch of the commpany - by the topic of the discussion and the skima responses....bodoh punya bastardos.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The entry after the previous entry....

I just do not have anything nice to write when it comes to the past few weeks flashback in the office....last couple of weeks was very very hectic. The requirement at work is draining my energy.

How I wish for a longer weekend so that I spend it with the kids.

But actually, we had quite an outing the last two weekends.

Last two weekends we went to Uncle Bawal’s place. Mama & Auntie Eileen has some business deal, me & Bawal have some borak and tried out his wi-fi signal strength around the big compound and the kids had a great time with Zarief & Ija. Dah lama sgt tak balik kampung, they were excited to see the ayam & “baby ayam” as Naufal casually put it, and they were astonished to see a peacock for the first time! Naufal was too curious, put his finger too far inside the cage and the peacock gave him a friendly bit....he ended up crying and hating that big bird!
Almost the whole day was spent there, they really enjoyed the trip.

The week after that, which was last weekend, they went to Erja’s birthday party. Everybody was delighted, including Baby Aliya....

They had a really good time! Especially when Uncle Achoncho did well in Albert Park Melbourne...hehheh!