Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What Matters Most

Woke up in the wee hours of the morning to do some maintenance on my Yoda and answered some work related e-mails, tried to write something but ended up with this line instead.

It was a tiring week - last week. It will be a more tiring week, this one, with just two days done and I am already feeling exhausted. Next week is going to be the same, if not worse. To cut short, it is going to be a demanding month and with the much dreaded appraisal time around the corner.....with the RobinHood act done, I just don't know what to expect but I am very satisfied, I was one of those who have the guts to voice things out and not just being a conformist to a @#%ked-up system....I think I am not cut to be in this outfit long, I don't have the "tempura"......good thing I did not keep my nunchakus in the office......heheh!

I realized, the only thing I look forward everyday is going back home, kiss my babies hello, then borak with Alisya (Naufal would normally be sleeping by the time I reach home!) before she finally fell asleep, then being able to wake up with the twins still deep in slumber next to me, kiss them when they are still dreaming, get up very early in the morning and do whatever I normally do, then get ready for work, kiss Baby Aliya goodbye, send Alisya & Naufal to their playskool hug & kiss them goodbye, kiss wifey goodbye when we arrive at her office....and then, another round of the ratrace begins.

Well....whatever it is, I will constantly remind myself, in the end of each day, I will still be a champion, because back at home I am the one to have three wonderful kids and a beautiful wife who'd make my heart smile, regardless how the day turned out to be.

I love you Mama. I love you Alisya. I love you Naufal. I love you Aliya.

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