Sunday, March 26, 2006

The F1 rambling

Sunday, March 19th. 2006 was the highlight of the PMGP F1 Race week, here in our Bolehland. We have seen many reviews in the TV channels about this event. Chances are, there will be the first Malaysian F1 driver in these TV channels.... but that’s not why I am writing this. I wrote this because I noticed a trend in Malaysian when it comes to F1...and maybe soccer (EPL or not an avid soccer fan myself, except for World Cup finals).

The night before the race day, before I managed to close my eyes, the last thing that was on the TV set of the hostel where we, the fast car marshals were parked was this F1 thing aired on one of the local channels. I would not excuse the commentators for their lack of knowledge on the subject, almost to the extend that I think these nutheads are just pure plain ignorant. I would not also excuse the SI* officer who seems to know a lot about F1 (yeah right!) for not being able to give good answers to the people who called sent e-mails. At times, the first Malaysian F1 driver has to be the saviour...duh! Oh ya! I would also not excuse the people who called & sent e-mails...for their lack or reading and seeking information about the sport.
Yeah, go ahead and say not everybody likes F1, same like not everybody like golf, rugby etc etc etc but the fact of the matter is when you want to say you are into something, you should put some effort to at least get the basics correct.
For instance, in that show the SI* guy was asked about the race in Sepang. The answer was something like it will be a fantastic race, the hottest race on earth yada yada yada and he hoped Schumi will be able to win this time around because he almost did it in Bahrain.
HELLOO!!! Talk about how poor the ticket sales was, how poor you bastards treated the souls who dedicated their time to be on duty, or how bad the maintenance of the facilities laaa, not how you wish your favorite loser cud make it through in this one, and for a start, bear in mind that being left by 2 seconds behind the winner is not ALMOST clinching the podium, its NOT A CHANCE to smell the podium!
Then some smart people called in, asking why there is no big screen at certain location of the circuit because it is difficult to know who was leading since the Fartraris are same color both cars...
DUH!! The top camera it obviously not the same, their helmets are never the same, if you are really into it you should already know that black top means second car & yellow top means third car, first car wud be - go find out yourslf! And Schumi wears a bright red helmet while Massa's carries his country colors, and by the way Rubino is no more with the losers, he with another team with a better setup than the red farts.
Then another smartarse was commenting why P37ron45 is no more carrying the main title of the race team, its a shame laa yada yada yada ptuihhh......
Aloo abang...apasal laaa lu ni sengal sangat? Ni bukan macam sponsor jersi bola belia 4B lu punya daerah! To add some spice, nanti kang kalau lebih sponsor plak kang ada pulak cerdikpandai yg kata minyak naik sebab subsidi dah pass kat F1.....tau2 esok harga teh tarik naik lagi 20sen sebab team yg kena sponsor tu menang or kalah, ikut suka hati mamak tokey kedai tu laa nak bagi apa alasan pun sebab teh tarik tu dia yg buat.....haa amacam?
To hell with this overrated Schumi & Fartrari die hard thing, and trying to look smart by giving stupid feedback & comments. Let the commentators do the work of being stupid - they get paid to do that and its already damaging, so don't make it worse laa weii!
If the person really love the sport he would be able to appreciate every drivers and team and knows a little bit about each of them. In other words, if you are a SI* staff and you don’t know the race is not about fast driving but strategy and quick decision making PLUS the works of the machine and the human, you are really not into your job!
And if you happen to read the local newspapers - those published in bahasa - they were not actually talking about the incidents of the race, no sire! They are more interested to know why Schumi did not make it and how they will be better off for the next races, to the extent, they almost look like in their mind there can only be one driver & team that should always win in every grand prix! Nasib baik tak sampai tahap yg wa merapu story tadi - harga minyak naik sebab Fartrari menang/ kalah therefore mamak decided harga teh tarik kena up lagi 20 sen the next day.....I guess that’s just how it is in BolehLand. Support the winner (even if they have been losing miserably) and no need to know the technicalities of anything. It does not go just for F1. Just look around and think. As long as you are with the winning crowd, you are in! Your favorite team car blew up, you shut the TV off....your handsome boyband look driver crashed, you shut the TV off. The red cars did not win the race, you will say it was a boring race. Oil price hike you blame it on the local company that you actually never used their product in the first place, sebab Fartrari tak pakai......aahh come on!!

A real F1 fan would know, its about the sport, not about supporting the winning team!

Anyways.....I am still dehydrated and coughing, back from my duty. To cut short, it was fun, especially when Fisico & Alonso took the podium top, it just shut the mouth of those who thinks Renault is just a fluke, last year or this year.
Its just the beginning....if you ask the French, the fact is they never actually plan to win anything last season! MacLaren, Honda & Williams should try hard to clinch the podiums in the next race Downunder. Else its going to be a boring season - which I really doubt!

To the typical "support the winning team" mentality Bolehlanders, try to be different lah for bet wud be to watch out for Nico....and stop making noise about oil price hike, why you drive a gas-guzzler if you could not afford to fill it up in the first place laaa!

Give us 5 Fisico & Achoncho!

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