Sunday, February 05, 2006

The (real) end of the "long weekend"

The Kids trashing it out on their imaginary stage
...definitely better than any of those idols show!

It has been a very long break....almost a full week if I took leave on Friday but I did not, since there are things to be done back in the office & since Alisya & Naufal have to go to school, I decided not to take that one day leave.

We “continued” the long weekend with some action at the parks they have been going since their first year of life. Now I can be a bit relaxed at the playground - this does not mean I can just let them play without any supervision - cuz they know how to handle the things at the playground, just need to be reminded from time to time so that they do not get over creative and do harm to their little bodies.
They now go for the highest slide in the park....with helah masing-masing to tease each other....
"Let me push you, yer adik...hehhehe!"

The playground sessions starts in the morning and will end slighty after 12 noon with a visit to the hypermarket or any store of their choice for some refreshments of their choice (and newspapers for Mama). They know to choose either Giant, Tesco, 7-11 or Kedai Mamak and they will say what they want and at times they are more demanding than ever, but being me, I will follow their wishes up to a certain extent.....just to train them that we cannot get everything we want - easily/ everytime. One day, during the long break we went to the pasar for some ingredients for Laksa Sarawak. We saw an old lady sitting at the corridor of some shop near the pasar, eating some french fries from McD in a plastic bag. People passing by seems to not pay much attention to her. I told Alisya & Naufal to look at that poor Makcik and I said kesian dia, no place to go, no money to buy proper food, sitting at the kakilima near to the parit, panas etc. After a while Alisya said "Kesyiaan. Syiaan kan Ayah kan?". When Mama came back from pasar, she told Mama what she "Dia jatuh, masyuk parit Mama, car langgar...." Pandai betul dia buat cerita drama swasta pulak! And We laughed....

Not to self: Next time let Alisya & Naufal give some Rm to some poor people at the kakilima.

Aliya & Auntie Shikin

Aliya had visitors through out the long break too...Mama's office mates, then Aunties Farah & Fazleen & cousins. She is growing well and seems to be more and more attached to Mama.
P1110407Aliya & Aqiff
I'm tired Mama...

The twins on the other hand is starting to seek more attention from me (at least a bit more than before). Alisya insisted to sleep with me in our visitors bedroom these past few nights. The main thing is because of Mama’s rempah-ratus treatment - the twins just cannot stand the smell, Alisya actually threw-up once when Mama came down from her room! “Naik atashhh, Mama busyuuk laah!”

Otherwise, they still love Mama as always lah, no doubt about that!

P/s: I wish we have long break like this every month...heh hehehe! Rasa malas pulak nak run the office tomorrow....aargh....

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