Friday, February 17, 2006

Field Trip


The Twins have been very very active. Alisya has improved so much in her already good "public relation" ability, while Naufal has improved in expressing his thoughts/ experience enthusiasthically. Alhamdulillah. At the same time, they have been creating bigger & louder havoc when they are fresh after a short nap, back from skool!

Today, in about 3 hours time or so from the time I wrote this, they will be experiencing their first field trip - to an Army Airbase - organized by their skool!

Initially, I was not too sure whether to allow them or not, Mama was inclined towards not allowing them cuz there will be jetfighter demo and other big & noisy stuff, Alisya is a bit penakut with these kinda things. So, the past few days (well, nights entitled daylights are spent in the zoo up on the higher levels of the TwoTowers) I have been talking to them about airplanes, jetfighters and stuffs that relates to the field trip and see how they respond to it.

They seems excited.

Frankly, I am a bit worried cuz I have never let anybody bring the twins anywhere without me or Mama being with them, without being worried! I guess that is really my personality - I treasure everything that I have, especially the most precious gift that anybody can get from the AllMighty. But after mulling over it, I decided that they should go, this is their skool's first field trip, there will always be the first time for everything in their life, so why not.

I wish I can be there, it must be an amazingly cute event to witness, a bunch of smallpeople grouped together, treated as VVIP by the army people!

To Alisya & naufal: You two be good and don't go create havoc at the airbase ok my babies?

MAC OS X V10.4.5 already in Yoda's far so good.
For those who know what they wanna do with their machines and have been contemplating on making the jump: GET A MAC & MOVE ON!

I really hate it when others who try to impress the stupidbigboss makes the life of the working level (real do-ers) more complicated. Actually wrote something about the raucous I did due to tolerance overload towards incompetent imbeciles that earns 3 time more then me and seems to have hardly 10% of the braincell of a dead sloth, but decided not to put it up (yet?!). All my working years, with the bosses I had, if I think they are not doing the right things and not being a teamplayer, or being utterly stupid yet arrogant, I will say it to their face - politely or fiercely depending on the situation. Its's ugly but it's the right thing to do so that these oldbastardos may start thinking, their time is up already, they should just shut-up & move on. But despite the minor helter-skelter, Alhamdulillah everything went well yesterday and hopefuly today, Insya-Alah. I guess my years of doing stuffs down the line made it easier for me to appreciate and be comfortable & user-friendly the do-ers. We'll see how it goes! It's not their company anyways and I surely did the best I am capable of for the interest of the organization....and arsekissing + trying to look intelligent has never been my modus operandi, am not going to allow it, ever. whatever rating I will get I don't care, there's only one ultimate rating and it will be coming from my GOD.

Well, anyways, my life is dedicated to my kids & family, nothing else.

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