Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fast Intervention

The F1 season is going to start soon. This year, I am just lucky to be called again to be a member of the marshall car drivers. The "format" is a bit different this year. Everybody will have to know each position and operation area of all cars - the fast intervention vehicles and the small medical cars. Time trial will be part & parcel of the training. Only towards the real race day we will be officially assigned to a specific position.

The first training last weekend went well. I did not do well though - could have done better maybe. Not too sure what the official timer recorded but I have a feel I did not manage to get within the assigned time frame to complete the circuit without a scratch on the expensive car (don't be fooled, it looks like a Waja but its not quite a Waja...not at all!), Anyways, I was happy I managed to attack the turns and curbs better than I did in the morning of the first day, when I got to drive Da Damn BlingMobile!! (A Perdana which is not actually a Perdana...cannot reveal much here!). It was almost like riding 200 horses with wheels! We'll see how it goes next weekend lah. Should not be a problem since I have covered all positions in the circuit from the last couple of years. Even if I get to be a reserve driver, that would be fun this year....I would have more time to spend at race area rather than being in the car all day long!

Age has conquered me...and responsibilities to my loved ones too. I don't actually fancy driving very fast anymore (yeah I have a couple of summons up my sleeve....stupid summons, those!). But nevertheless, attacking the turns of SIC in the expensive rig is something really different. Never boring. I'd just sneer at them rice boys everytime I saw them screeching past me on the road. Brainless bunch of wannabees!

I wish I could spend more time with the kids last weekend, maybe for a picnic at the park or a cool dip at their favourite stream. They have been very noisy these past few weeks. Need to pay more attention to them....I am sorry Alisya, Naufal & Aliya. Last week I had to come to office over the weekend. This week I was at the race track. Next weekend too. Then I will be at the track the whole week. Gheezzz.....I must find time for them! Aliya is growing very well. Already 5.5Kg that little girl of mine! She's starting to listen to what we say with enthusiasm. My baby girl is growing fast.....today is never going to be the same like tomorrow. Well.....when the F1 weekend is over in this country, we'll do the stream ok kids? That's a promise!

The monthly sharing session went quite tense & fiery towards the end. I shared my piece of concern, like the others involved. But in the end, I would just conclude, its back to square one. I might as well build my comfortable fortress again and do what's necessary to get over the working hours and not spend a minute more than expected. Its not my company anyway. A colleague made a good point, the ownership of our effort is not ours, in the end the bosses will have the full ownership. No use to be so enthusiastic about it, not in this set-up I am currently in. I was carried away with the enthusiasm & responsibility of getting things done for the best of the organization, which was a waste of my energy actually. Dedicated to my team, yes. Dedicated to the unit set-up, I would not be that naive now. Why should I bother anyway. The shitbrain leaders have just too much of it up their brains....the shit. If by any chance any of you are reading this blog of mine, I will just be as frank like I have always been - you are too stupid and don't deserve to have us as subordinates. You are just too stupid & full of ego. Well, we are already making on our way out of here anyways. Good luck, stupididiots. I am not going to apologize to anyone of you bastards, you deserve the words, its the reality, so swallow it, or die trying. I don't care what you have to say, just say it to your hand if it really matter much to you!

Why stay long in yet another shit hole? Have to work out a complete & quick escape route. Fast intervention! Back to the drawing block....

[Listening to Foo Fighters ~ All My Life.....giving a day off for Rammstein!]

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