Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Her First Real Outing

On the 18th. day, Aliya went for her first outing with us. Some people were shocked when we mentioned she's 18 days old, out came remarks like: "Eh! Dalam pantang dah berjalan dah..."

Baby: Zzzzzz....Zzzzzzz....ZZZZZZ!
Me: Oit! Already enter frame laa!
Baby: Huh? Say wot? Zzzzz....Zzzzz!

Well, there's no such limitations really (*Alisya was 4 days old when we took her to a mall in Kuching!).....but we always avoid places with too many people & foreigners, thus why Alamanda was the first mall for Aliya.

Been a while since Along & Angah last went there too.....since it was quite a rainy weekend, Along & Angah did not have the chance to brush their cycling skills....maybe this weekend kids.
N: Gawd! Look at the hair of that Makcik!
A: Hmmm...just an oldie trying hard to be hip-hop adik! Let them be...kesyiaaan!
Baby: Zzzzz......Zzzzzzz.....ZZZZZZZ!

After a round of shopping for the kids, Mama belanja us coffee & foods.......
......then off to Tesco for some groceries
Girls & their toy
A: It's ok Mom I got it....
M: Ohh its ok Kakak, I got it...
A: I'll push her mummy, I insist...
M: Its ok, you are tired, let me push Baby Aliya ok...
A: I am not tired, I am ok, I will push Baby Aliya
M: Oit! Let me push the wheeler la...!
A: Allaaaa!! You had your turn just now!! Let me push it laa pulak....!
Baby: Zzzz...Oi gurls! I am trying to concentrate here ok! ZZZZZZ!!!

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