Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Aliya is doing very very well. She’s starting to look chubbier and the kids love their sister very much.....they were there for Aliya’s first morning stroll.

But Alisya has not been feeling well these past few days....early Monday morning her temperature went up to 39degree C, kesian my baby gurl. Had to take her to the clinic yesterday, she did most of the explanation to the doctor who was very friendly to her, in the end the doctor said, senang betul kerja dgn Alisya ni!
...and this morning when she woke up she came looking for me. Gave her a dose of her meds and explained to her she won't be going to school today. "Esok sahaja sekolah?" she asked me. Smart gurl....that's my baby.
Get well soon sayang.....

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