Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The 7th Day

It's been a week since the arrival of our Aliya Irdina.....went to see her pediatrician today, everything looks very good. She has started to gain weight, from 3.04KG at birth to 3.13KG today. Thanx to Mama!
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and...today is also Along's & Angah's first day in school!
I walked them to the playskool and left them on their own....walking back home I realized yet again, my babies have grown up!

Later, we were there with their maid to fetch them in the afternoon before going to GIMC. Naufal seems to enjoy playing with his new friends very much...the principal told me....and compared to others in the class, Alisya is very very active despite her size. They get along well with the rest, but towards the end of the session they had a fight...between them! Naufal disobeyed Along's warning or sumthing...which is typical of him! But Alisya will always be protecting her kid bro regardless what Naufal did to her lah.

Along told me during our late evening borak just now, she got ramai kawan today and when she opened her bag to get some cookies to eat, they "assisted" her....and finished all the grubs in her bag! Kesian my girl...first day dah kena "pau" dgn kawan!

Now I got another big duty everynight.....talking Alisya to sleep....she has sooooo many "helah" to stay awake for as long as possible. Last night she insisted to be carried like a baby, so there I was in her room, "dukung" her like I did when she was a couple of days old.....until she fell asleep...if I have to do that again....I may need a backbone transplant!

Luckily, Naufal does not need that much persuasion to sleep, he can quietly sleep on his own, either that...OR...he'd be quietly doing his "project menggodek kecil-kecilan" with whatever stuff he can find around him...bahaya mamat nih....his hands are really fast...maybe should consider him for aikido or karate kenpo instead of taekwondo when the time comes.

Aliya pulak....well for now, sleep is her top most priority....

I guess, life will be more interesting than ever.....Alhamdulillah.

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