Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Beyond 30 days


Our little princess has passed the one month line, Alhamdulillah.
The growth progress is really good, she is above the average line for her age. Physically we can see she is getting much much taller, her weight is now 4.36KG...not bad at all considering she started as a veery veeeery petite lady weighing at just slightyly above 3KG when she came to earth!

Oh...and she's more predictable now, especially to Mama, who will always know what Aliya wants most of the time. As for me, I just found out the way to make Aliya feel comfy with me, by continuously patting her back while talking to her...she'd be falling asleep sooner or later...and I'll be following soon after!

Alisya recovered from the fever & cough last week, but Naufal just caught the same package - as always, one down, one to go! But as always, insya-Allah he'll be recovering sooner, he's a tough guy!

Otherwise we would already be going for a cool dip.....

Zzzz...Huh? Cool dip? No thanx Dad!
I am allergic to anything below my body temperature!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Aliya is doing very very well. She’s starting to look chubbier and the kids love their sister very much.....they were there for Aliya’s first morning stroll.

But Alisya has not been feeling well these past few days....early Monday morning her temperature went up to 39degree C, kesian my baby gurl. Had to take her to the clinic yesterday, she did most of the explanation to the doctor who was very friendly to her, in the end the doctor said, senang betul kerja dgn Alisya ni!
...and this morning when she woke up she came looking for me. Gave her a dose of her meds and explained to her she won't be going to school today. "Esok sahaja sekolah?" she asked me. Smart gurl....that's my baby.
Get well soon sayang.....

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Her First Real Outing

On the 18th. day, Aliya went for her first outing with us. Some people were shocked when we mentioned she's 18 days old, out came remarks like: "Eh! Dalam pantang dah berjalan dah..."

Baby: Zzzzzz....Zzzzzzz....ZZZZZZ!
Me: Oit! Already enter frame laa!
Baby: Huh? Say wot? Zzzzz....Zzzzz!

Well, there's no such limitations really (*Alisya was 4 days old when we took her to a mall in Kuching!).....but we always avoid places with too many people & foreigners, thus why Alamanda was the first mall for Aliya.

Been a while since Along & Angah last went there too.....since it was quite a rainy weekend, Along & Angah did not have the chance to brush their cycling skills....maybe this weekend kids.
N: Gawd! Look at the hair of that Makcik!
A: Hmmm...just an oldie trying hard to be hip-hop adik! Let them be...kesyiaaan!
Baby: Zzzzz......Zzzzzzz.....ZZZZZZZ!

After a round of shopping for the kids, Mama belanja us coffee & foods.......
......then off to Tesco for some groceries
Girls & their toy
A: It's ok Mom I got it....
M: Ohh its ok Kakak, I got it...
A: I'll push her mummy, I insist...
M: Its ok, you are tired, let me push Baby Aliya ok...
A: I am not tired, I am ok, I will push Baby Aliya
M: Oit! Let me push the wheeler la...!
A: Allaaaa!! You had your turn just now!! Let me push it laa pulak....!
Baby: Zzzz...Oi gurls! I am trying to concentrate here ok! ZZZZZZ!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

17 Days

Aliya is now 17 days old, growing stronger and bigger everyday! We are learning to understand her personality, as we did with Alisya & Naufal.

For now, I would say that she is quite like Alisya in her early days, maybe a bit quieter. At this stage, she's lookking more like Mama than me and she's very much attached to Mama since she’s been (and will continue being, insya-Allah) solely breast-fed.

We would like to say thank you to those who visited Aliya & Mama and for those who sent well-wishes via SMS, e-mail, this little blog and any other modes.

We really appreciate your presence and words. Thank you so much for being there! We have been waiting for so many years....and....finally! Alhamdulillah.

Thank you again....

....and I pray, 17 years from today I'd still be around and able to put up an entry entitled: 17 Years....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The 7th Day

It's been a week since the arrival of our Aliya Irdina.....went to see her pediatrician today, everything looks very good. She has started to gain weight, from 3.04KG at birth to 3.13KG today. Thanx to Mama!
At Birth -> Day 1
--> Day 2
Day 3 -> Day 4
--> Day 5 ---> Day 6
and...today is also Along's & Angah's first day in school!
I walked them to the playskool and left them on their own....walking back home I realized yet again, my babies have grown up!

Later, we were there with their maid to fetch them in the afternoon before going to GIMC. Naufal seems to enjoy playing with his new friends very much...the principal told me....and compared to others in the class, Alisya is very very active despite her size. They get along well with the rest, but towards the end of the session they had a fight...between them! Naufal disobeyed Along's warning or sumthing...which is typical of him! But Alisya will always be protecting her kid bro regardless what Naufal did to her lah.

Along told me during our late evening borak just now, she got ramai kawan today and when she opened her bag to get some cookies to eat, they "assisted" her....and finished all the grubs in her bag! Kesian my girl...first day dah kena "pau" dgn kawan!

Now I got another big duty everynight.....talking Alisya to sleep....she has sooooo many "helah" to stay awake for as long as possible. Last night she insisted to be carried like a baby, so there I was in her room, "dukung" her like I did when she was a couple of days old.....until she fell asleep...if I have to do that again....I may need a backbone transplant!

Luckily, Naufal does not need that much persuasion to sleep, he can quietly sleep on his own, either that...OR...he'd be quietly doing his "project menggodek kecil-kecilan" with whatever stuff he can find around him...bahaya mamat nih....his hands are really fast...maybe should consider him for aikido or karate kenpo instead of taekwondo when the time comes.

Aliya pulak....well for now, sleep is her top most priority....

I guess, life will be more interesting than ever.....Alhamdulillah.