Sunday, December 04, 2005

New Network!

That's my pretty my outfit that she claim is hers! If she ever is going to be a network or system engineer, I pray that she will be an excellent one, not like me...nak understand and resolve a router problem pun terkial-kial and take days/ weeks.

Which is why I put up up this post...just resolved the Netgear problem. I never fully understood why it suddenly went without wifi signal....but from information gathered from gurus, it may due to overheating, the chip used in it is known to react weirdly to overusage/ overheating....

Some gurus suggest to upgrade firmware for the chip too...see how long as Mama can get connected wirelessly during her confinement, that is good enough....

I guess my lessons learnt would be:
1) NEVER switch the wifi network on 24x7, just switch it on when it needs to be used
2) Switch off the network hardwares in proper sequence....log out from network, switch router off then switch modem off
3) Switch on the network hardwares in proper sequence, modem first, when the lights are engaged, then switch the router on, then only get connected on the 802.11g. If there is error uploading homepage, possibility of SCREAMYX acting up is 98%. The 2% may due to other causes. Do other stuffs, try again after a while.
4) Its good to have a cooling system for the network hardwares, just in case....seen somebody did something for his system......hmmm maybe later laaa, not a priority...cuz....(see number 5)
5) If got bundles of RM lying around....better get AIRPORTBASE!

...oh yaaaa...another lesson learnt....NEVER throw the wires away!

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