Monday, December 05, 2005

Fountain & Ball

I am supposed to complete some analysis and prepare a preso...but I visited AbeDib's blog
about PEN....and I just could not resist to post something about these writing instruments that have been part of my life for years.

My first pen was a "Hero". That cheap brand from China everybody in my Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Bukit Hampar Darjah 4A of 1982 class would have. Yeah, some of the students use "Pilot" but my first was a Hero. I did have some "Pilots" after that Hero, when I "improved" my cursive handwriting and did well in exams.

The one pen that I really love and still have up to this moment is a silver Parker fountain pen. I got it from Mak & Abah for doing well in my exam - was it Penilaian Darjah 5 or my first year in koleq, I could not really recall. What I do recall is that pen would probably be the most expensive pen Mak & Abah have ever bought, and it was a gift for me (THANK YOU MAK & ABAH, I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH). I really appreciate the gift and I really love that pen and I know its still there, in my kampung, cuz I left it for Abah to use to write his "Buku Ringkasan" when I started going to Universiti....since Abah & Mak dah pencen years back, the Parker would probably been resting for years already.

The other pen that I love is that pink Parker ballpoint in the pix. Bought that one a couple of minutes before I boarded the flight back to Malaysia from my first trip to Tanah Suci. Mak & Abah planned and saved years of their hard earned gaji as teachers, to bring the family there. I believe its one of their dream came true....and I really bersyukur that we managed to make their wish & dream came true again when we did hajj as a family couple of years back....and I actually make sure the pink Parker comes with me for that trip...(AGAIN, THANK YOU MAK & ABAH FOR BRINGING US UP TO BECOME WHAT WE ARE NOW)

Actually, I almost lost the pink Parker while leading my Uni Taekwondo team in an orienteering game in some jungle. On my own, I decided to trace back my track and found the pen lying on the soil, couple of meters from a river. Alhamdulilah.

Another pen would be that dark blue Harley Davidson fountain pen (I always prefer fountain pen to others), it was an appreciation given to me for designing & writing the ISO9002 procedures for the department of my first company that I was assigned to - PEMSB.

....and tonight, I realized, for years I have not been using a pen to write as much as I used to, back in my schooldays.

I would either be typing on a keyboard or using a stylus on my mobile computing devices.....and I carry a mechanical pencil in my pocket instead of a pen.....

....but I will always love those fountain pens, ballpoint pens & rollerballs that I have....the silver Parker is aged 21 years old now, the pink Parker is reaching its 15th year, while the Harley Davidson would be 10 years soon....

Gifts/ things need not be expensive for us to appreciate....its the story/ history attached to it that matters.

These writing instruments have been part of my life and I do have stories to tell about them, I hope to pass these simple stories (and these pens) on to Alisya, Naufal & Aliya.....and our other babies insya-Allah....

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