Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A car, just

If I can explode this to a real life version and put some V6 in it.....

Aliya is yet to show any sign she's really coming out and Mama's been busy with her "toolbox" finishing decorations on Aliya's "make-up & diaper's box" & Mama's new project - freebies for Aliya's visitors (if you want it, you have to come & visit her!). Alisya & Naufal have been busy with their papers & crayons.....seems like everybody is busy except me......not quite.

I have been busy worrying.

This is the end of the year and I expected a slow & relaxed ending for 2005, of course an exciting one since Aliya is coming!
So far, only the exciting part is constant....the slow & relaxed is becoming more unrealistic. Workload is nothing that I could not handle but this weekend turned the table completely. The one thing I am ever going to be quite upset about is having to re-arrange my expenses in a sudden and which may last long - looks like major this time - and that made me almost lost my appetite to visit this blog! Not because poor response/ comments - it was never meant to gain popularity like other blogs laaa in the first place! - but mainly because the incident put me in an altered state, almost surreal. Like it or not I have to deal with it. Yeah, insya-Allah I can afford it but I'd allocate that surplus for my kids and enjoy life with them rather then paying installment for a piece of metal that will require maintenence and declining value over the years. I have already cashed one couple of years ago and now that piece of metal is lying in a workshop nearby!

It is (was?!) the best car I could ever afford. Was about to send it for proper servicing and part replacements by the time my monthly earned RM comes. Befor the time comes, it was supposed to be lightly, occasionally driven or only in case of emergency, not for daily bashing and flooring the accelerator (though it was designed to do that). But its already too late. It broke down on Saturday evening, was not present at the occasion but went to try & salvage whatever possible, to no avail. Left it by the road side for two days - simply cuz I am just not in the mood to do anything about it since I know it will possibly cost me a hand and a leg. Brought the mechanic dude to the scene and the first verdict was - no hope of revitalizing it without major surgery. Towed it to my normal workshop (read: nearest, not the best but in this emergency it has to be ok lah, I normally send the rig to JB for tuning).....and the second verdict comes with a big hole in my wallet. 6 of the valves will have to be replaced, the timing belt will have to be replaced, water pump, radiator, etc etc etc....bottomline = MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION OF THE DRIVE TRAIN.

Dammit. I would not be happy driving a possibly crippled chunk of metal that used to be superb machine but above that I never plan to get another car - not in years to come! Why must it happen now?

Waiting for the final quotation today. I might as well go to help the team with the forum today, else I'd just feel bad and be surfing for a car that will fit my requirement & budget.....and perhaps one rig solely for others to use so that what I have earned hard will only be driven (*and damaged) by me this time around.

...and who say its just a mean to get you from point A to point B?! There's a whole lot of complexities that comes with it! A cart wheel can get you from point A to point B, so whyTF do you drive a prestige car if you say its just a mean to get from point A to point B?!

I guess it is just typical of me.....a kampung boy who full heartedly appreciates and treasures everything he has because he knows how hard it was to earn those items....even if its just a cheap pen....and for me, a car is never cheap, especially if every single sen is coming from your own sweat, a whole lot of pride & responsibilities comes with it.

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