Thursday, December 29, 2005


That's her.....
A Delayed broadcast…for a VERY VALID REASON!!

December 26, 2005

Well, the ETD is today!

Mama is now in the labor room number 6, just being induced at about 4:25pm by Nurse Hayati. Dr Aziz arrived about 4:50pm and talked a bit about the “strategy”. Aliya was supposedly to be delivered about 2 weeks back i.e. 12/12/2005 but since today is the final ETD, we are going to closely monitor her heartbeat rate (averaging at around 135 per minute now). At 11:00pm, Mama will be induced again and if Aliya is still not out, an inspection will be done around 8:30am tomorrow and we’ll see how it goes from there….

Mama and the twins, moments before we departed to GIMC


At about 6:00pm Mama was transferred from the Labor Room 6 to Room 301, together with her dinner....and me of course! Whoever says hospital foods are not tasty, the person’s appetite & taste buds need to be calibrated! The room windows allow us to get a view of the GE Mall. I actually planned to go there, get some (very late) lunch and Mama wanted the O'Brian's triple deck sandwich. If I have time I wanted to drop by the MAC Centre and get a MAC sleeve for Yoda.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t! Mama is starting to feel pain on the thighs, very painful. She is feeling very uncomfortable. A nurse came to do some checking and I told Mama I need to grab something to eat…so here I am at the GJC. Airzed and ZapZone is present but I do not have neither of the account. Maybe get a prepaid one, if needs be…..

The main gadget in the labor room

My tummy filled now…but Mama is in so much pain that I simply do not know what to do to comfort her but be right next to her and hold her hands….and my tummy, which was filled with GJC sandwich, now feels like its full of no....make that....bumble bees!

The contractions are coming more frequent and its getting more painful each time….kesian Mama.

We called Alisya & Naufal at home….as always, Alisya would be the one who’s eager to talk…..and was she very busy with her cousins! Well at least she would not be missing Mama that much. This is only the second time she’ll be spending a night without us in our own homey. The first one was when Mama had to attend a course, I had to take care of Alisya alone (Naufal was in kampung, kidnapped by the grandees!)….and that was like almost a year ago!

Show me a person who'd not miss being with kids like ours...
and I'll show you a person with no heart!

December 27, 2005
~ 12:30am

Back in Labor Room 6….

We have been here since about 10:00pm. Nurse Salina told us that Dr A asked her to monitor first and (if needs be only) Mama will be induced at around 11:00pm. Looking at the contractions trend line, Nurse Salina mentioned that there is no need to induce but the opening was only about 3cm (read: long way to go!) and asked whether Mama can stand the pain anymore or would want a normal painkiller jab or go straight for epidural.

The contractions pain was really bad since 8:00pm. It was coming more frequent and at a longer period of time too. Mama decided to go for epidural, at about 11:11pm. Unfortunately Dr Chua was on emergency at Level 1, so it took a bit of waiting until finally the procedure was done. The whole procedure was kinda cool, (from my position at least!) The stuff used and the precision of the anesthetist is something to be admired.

Aliya’s heartbeat rate was fluctuating like rollercoaster soon after the procedure was done, I was a bit worried….well actually VERY worried (Sheesh! Come on man you’d be worried too if you are in my shoes! Hehehe!).
Mama was given oxygen to breathe in order to assist Aliya in gaining the average heartbeat rate again. Asked Mama to breathe normally, inhale through the nose and exhale via mouth. After a couple of minutes, the heartbeat looked normal again.

Anyways, was later informed that it’s a normal thing to happen, when the epidural kicks in, the baby will respond to it and the effect would be fluctuation of the heartbeat, which is why Dr Chua was around to monitor until it came back to the normal average.

Now, Mama is asleep, Aliya’s heartbeat is in the good average and I need a nap too!

….have a feeling its gonna be a very long day today!



….before that magical moment arrived, I was not able to sleep properly (who would!?).

Based on the original plan, Dr A is going to check Mama at 8:30am today ~ to decide what to do next. Since Mama took the epidural, it kinda speeds things up. At about midnight, the opening was just 3cm. That’s when she finally managed to sleep.

At about 3:00am, nurse Salina who came to inspect Mama, mentioned that the opening is already 9cm! I was a bit drowsy and it took me a while to realized that its going to happen really really soon now!!!

Dr A stepped into the labor room soon after that, all equipments ready and he explained that he will have to use vacuum to assist Aliya & Mama in the delivery.

I quickly warmed up the camera and told myself – this is it! Took my position next to
Mama and whispered to her, Aliya is finally coming!

….and the procedure begins.

It did not take too long….3 pushes and at 3:59am, 27 December 2005, Aliya finally came to the world.

The bonding starts immediately between her & Mama!! Was moving around in the labor room with my camera, capturing whatever possible in those most exciting moments in our life….


ALHAMDULILLAH….6 years….2 greatest most adorable kids…..and now we have Aliya…

Aliya looks like her sister Alisya….. immediately, the bonding started with us. Aliya was placed on Mama soon after she was out, and after she was being cleaned, Aliya introduced to Mama’s “feeding apparatus” for a couple of minutes before I took her to do the qamat….

Then after I signed some I sat back on the chair next to Mama who was tired and trying to catch her breath… started to rain….ALHAMDULILLAH.

We started SMS-ing the families and friends.


Since Aliya will be breast fed exclusively, we were allowed rooming-in and therefore Aliya is always with us unless we asked the nursery to clean her. The day was quite hectic for Aliya……

The first of the visitors arrived as soon as 8:00am ~ Uncle Kimster!! Then an almost continuous string of friends and colleagues…Along Alisya & Angah Naufal arrived in the afternoon and they were happy to see their kid sister and the last visitor was Tok Mak & Tok Abah who came with cousin Raiyan.

The excitement did not end there…Aliya had trouble sleeping and Mama has to work on the breast feeding procedure immediately….its important for Aliya to get the colostrum into her system….and in turn, she plays important part to stimulate the production of milk in Mama’s system… was quite an effort but with the assistance from nurses Tooba, Asma, Ooi, Christy and some others, it went pretty well…within about almost 24 hours the milk started to come out and Aliya has enjoyed Mama’s milk. It was almost dawn when Mama finally get to shut her eyes properly.

Mama is a true champion…we love you so much Mama!

December 28, 2005
The day went quite slow actually. Not many visitors and in between attending Aliya’s demand for milk, we managed to catch up on sleep.

I was too weak to walk to the MAC Centre nearby…..which is a good thing actually…else there definitely would be some damage to my wallet!

December 29, 2005

We are getting ready for home! Everything looks fine for Mama & Aliya. Dr Aziz came and said everything looks very good and well, he has instructed for the discharging process for us today, which means that by noon we should be leaving this room and back to our little homey.

Dr Ananda also came can told us there is nothing to worry about Aliya, from his observation, the jaundice level dropped since yesterday and he is very sure we don’t have to worry about Aliya getting jaundice. It was probably due to the colostrum and early breast feeding done…according to the books we read lah. Anyways, we’ll be seeing him in one week’s time.

…but now, its time to pack!
Daddy....enough with Yoda already! I need a nap....

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