Thursday, December 22, 2005

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21Dec will be the final visit to the Gynae before the real date. It seems that Baby Aliya will be arriving 26th or 27th Dec, latest, or anytime from now to those dates. Whatever it is, we have booked everything, check-in at 4pm on the 26th Dec., Mama to be induced at around 8pm, and then at 3am the next morning. We’ll see how it goes.

Alisya tagged along for this last visit. Was about to bring Naufal too but Mama has a good point when she asked can I handle the kids alone in case she has to be admitted on the spot.

So, Naufal had to stay and look after Cousin Raiyan and the grandees. Gave him a couple of RM and off he went to buy news papers with Tok Abah, “Bah! Oiyy Abah oiyy!! Nak yi pepper…” (Abah! Oi Abah! Nak beli newspaper…)

Entertainment la sikit!

Was on our way back from GEI, when I saw the stickers on this car. A confused bloke perhaps……I dunno laa….have to ask Mr Wong to comment on this, never knew that Honda has Type R RS pulak….

Actually I wanted to capture the “rugby post” on this rig too, but the traffic light was turning green and it sped away like a true champion…being chased by another Honda of the same serie, only without those stickers and a slightly low rugby post and the color is not as Ferrari as that one you see up there…..

The Type R RS apparently went straight at another junction and the other Ricey went the same way we did, up the hills, with its big exhaust blasting tsunami like riot, I was surprised that our low class MPV zoomed effortlessly pass it only to see it chasing us back when we went down hill…..maybe he’s out of NOS kot…..

Bottom line: We can count on RiceBoys for good entertainment (read: Something like Mr Bean + 3HS quality of joke) on our roads!

Back home, Cousin Raiyan decided to go back early – his supply of formula milk supply was not sufficient! That’s why we entered the homey and found Naufal a.k.a. Angah was half asleep, else he’d be playing with his RC (Mama bought one for each of them recently…..a cheaper version for pre-training before they can finally “drive” the off roaders RC mentioned in the earlier post).

Good for him. I don’t want my boy to be interested with the sorts of Barbie toys and other girlie stuffs Along has! Susah jugak to convince them that a boy is a boy & a girl is a girl!

Alisya @ Along can really concentrate in doing her stuff....Naufal @ Angah, well I have to find out how to boost his concentration level....cepat boring & not putting the same amount of effort like his sister in doing stuffs....including watching their favourite movies...or maybe boys memang macam tu kot....hmm...research research!

Along surprised me yesterday, while I was checking e-mails & stuffs, she came up to my room with her butterfly wings on her back, carrying the little poney (look at the pix above) that she used to sleep with when she was a baby (well…she is still a baby!) Mama has cleaned up all the soft toys and other stuff to prepare for Aliya’s arrival and apparently Along & Angah have been re-living their early days……they still love to play with the soft toys, including those first ones they had when they were just a couple of days old.

I told Along something like, “When you are just a small baby, you used to sleep with this poney. The poney sings a song that will make you relaxed and fall asleep (Rock-a-bye-baby). But now its broken (the maid actually washed the poney in the washing machine without taking out the device in it!) but let’s see if Ayah can fix it ok? Poney loves you!”

Along’s reply was, “Sayaaang Poney baby….sayaang ia”

I was later told by Mama that she has told Along, the poney now belongs to Baby Aliya. It seems like Along is accepting it!

We have a couple of days more to "wait and be alert". The best way for me to spend these days would be being bullied by Along & Angah lah….their stamina & demands really requires a big effort from me to catch up.

The day normally starts with buying food for breakfast, if their Nenek is not around lah. If Nenek is around, breakfast will be on the table as soon as we came down from our rooms.
After breakfast it would be a round of melayan the kids, since they are into crayons, it’s a bit easier, let them do their stuff and we can read the papers, with interruptions from time to time when they asked us to draw something or comment on their artworks. Or it would be a round of movie/ cartoons and playing with their toys.

Whatever it is, I would normally fall asleep on the couch by noon…..the only response I would be capable of giving them by that time is a nod and a smile that goes with “Uiiii!! Cantiknya! Pandai laa dia lukis...Zzzzz”
And Along/ Angah wud go like,"Aiyahh!! Wake-up laa!! Oi Aiyahh!! Aiyahh niii...Aiyaahhh~!"

The only way to not fall asleep is to excuse myself and do some stuff on the MAC, or read the (free) book I recently got titled : Our Ways. Itu pun tak tentu jugak, reading needs more effort than MAC-ing!

That’s only half day gone! The other half would be convincing then to go to sleep...or else they will not be allowed to go to the playground in the afternoon. Normally the plan succeed…50%....Along would prefer to do her stuff for as long as she possibly can before finally fell a sleep for a few minutes and waking up to climb on my tummy, put her face right in front of me and say something like, “Aiyah banyun! (Ayah bangun!) Aiyah chen-up (stand-up) ayah, nak pegi taman. Aiyah banyun aiyah…..aiyah niiiii banyun laa!”

.....and that would be my wake-up call for Asar and taking them to the playground or spin around the area if its raining. Ever since they got their new sports shoes, they won't stop running and jumping in it. It’s just a joy to see them getting along with kids younger and older than them. At least I am confident they are able to communicate and not going to grow up being timid personalities….insyaAllah.

They really love babies, while almost all of the other kids (and their maids, mothers) seems know Alisya & Naufal, since the twins have been playing there ever since they were able to walk. But after almost 3 years of doing this playground thingy, I can say 8 out of 10 times, I’d be the only dad with kids at the playground. Yeah, the others are working I guess...overtime on weekends too perhaps...

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