Friday, November 25, 2005

Time flies in a flash

The last weekend was disastrous. My fever took over everything, until Monday/ Tuesday. Really annoying. Am not going to tolerate another round of fever after this. Am not going to take any more cough syrup prescribed by any of the MDs, the stupid syrups only made me feel dizzy and sleepy. Cough will go on and on, phlegm will build up. Why laa can’t they just use Breacol or Wood for crying out loud?!! Those two, really work better and faster than the bottles of “specialized” syrup so to say. Really annoying.

Recently we brought Alisya to her “school”. Naufal was not feeling well so he was left at home to recuperate. Mama wants to survey the syllabus and costs. She did some comparisons against other names in the game. I guess we are in the right track. Alisya & Naufal is now in the process of being “prepped” for their first day of schooling….my babies are growing……time really flies.

One fine evening we went to Alamanda (again!) to do some grocery shopping. We were in CarreFour when I realized there was this person with his kids, purchasing poultry. The person looks like between the age of end 30s – mid 40s, sporting a Scuderia Ferrari Team Shirt.

He took a pack of cleaned chicken and gave it to the worker at the counter, asking the worker to cut the chicken and clean it.

The worker worked on the item pronto. The Ferrari guy then asked the worker to replace the packaging first, clean it up or something, then cut the chicken and put it in another new packaging. He gave the instructions to the worker as if he is paying the salary of the worker and he was using his index finger, pointing at the worker and the chicken and the packaging in relevance sequence lah while giving the instruction, rather loudly.

How rude. Yeah customer is always right but do you have to be bossy & rude to the guy who’s trying to earn a decent income? Awak tu dah berumur, tunjuklah contoh yg elok sikit kat anak2 yg awak bawak tu….maybe it his cucu ke or whatever….I don’t know laa but the fact is, regardless of your title, regardless of you being the customer, please treat others as polite as possible lah pakcik….baru pakai baju Scuderia Ferrari dah nak belagak macam you own an Enzo…….I don’t think the only person yg owns an Enzo in this country pun belagak macam he owns CarreFour…..

I realized the week is ending…and I have been busy in the office since Tuesday (Monday was still on MC ler). Spent most of my time in the filing room which we kinda like to use as our meeting room or WAR room to be more precise.

Gheez…..spent at least two full days in that room with CL and bosses….including today too. Anyways, we were happy that we managed to clear things off faster than others (others said that, not us!)

It's already more than 6 months since I was appointed this position. Just submitted the half year appraisal in the afternoon, as approved by the boss. Kinda “colorful” – not flying colors but, really colorful…..macam-macam adaaa! Dari rating 1 sampai laa ke rating 4!! Ahahahahah! I actually asked those ratings of “1” and “2” to be down graded to “3”, keep all the “3” ratings and one “4” rating (I can make it a “3” in 6 months time la, no issue!)
Getting a rating more superior than average ?! Phobia! Am not ready to be seen as above average la boss! I just want a decent rating, enjoy work, get more experience and get on with life...but thanx for your kindness and appreciation.
....the only time I knew I really deserved a “2” was long ago, in a different place…..was denied of it, could not care less about scoring in appraisals after that.

Woohoo!!! Done the MAC OS X update on Yoda (plus some other softwares updates due!) Looks like everyting is running smooth and faster on OS X V10.4.3

Weekend is really near…..I don’t want to fell sick again lah!!

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