Friday, November 18, 2005

Sleeping Like a Baby

Well look at that! That's my kid bro's youngest son, Khairil Danish. A quiet hunk he is. Shy personality. With the eyes of a strategic planner/ thinker. (Maybe can ask Uncle Kimster to recruit him when he's ready!!)

This is one nephew we seldom met, due to our schedule and inability to travel much - we'll see how it goes when Aliya is out lah!

Gheez...I need to post Aliya's lastet pix (long over due!). Anyways, Baby Aliya is doing fine & strong, the expected delivery date would be 26 Dec but it may be earlier...ranging from 12 that would be a nice date isn't it....12-12-2005. Whatever the date is gonna be, insya-Allah we are very ready for Baby Aliya! Everything is in place except for her baby cot. Specs hunt done much earlier (as always), just to decide which one to get now.....

The past few weeks have been very hectic. I finally failed to cope with the running around and chasing time to settle things. Body temperature went like roller coaster since Wednesday night. I can barely hear my keyboard while typing this and last checked my temperature was reaching 40degree - a couple of minutes ago. I am sure it went above 40 a few times tonight...lucky I made myself sedated since 930pm .

(Recall: The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated!) .

Woke up feeling very erkk....sick, couple of hours ago when the effect of that storng pill wears off. I thought its was 430am-5am (time I ususally woke up) but was surprised to see that it was just reaching 2am! I have not been sleeping long apparently.....

Am not coming to office in the morning. I don't dare to drive. The only driving I would do will be a trip to the clinic and back. Maybe stop at the grocery for some bubur ingredients and wooohoo yess...some ice creams to deal with this throat. What a good excuse to consume ice creams! Then I will try to catch some sleep....just like Baby Danish is doing up there!

Am just glad Alisya, Naufal & Mama are through with their fever....

I MUST recover before the week ends! Am sure that's something anybody would hate to encounter...FEVER ON WEEKEND and recover just before the working day!

Have to start recuperating NOW! Good nite Yoda!

(Yoda = my MAC...and he is not having any fever at all, his body temp is now at 45degree C....a healthy temperature for an iBook in a room with air-conditioning system turned off. Now, if I am an iBook with my current temp I would not be considered as sick, infact I would need to get warmer and uhhh.....ghezzz what am I writing!)

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