Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Linking...bridging....connecting....starting to hate NETGEAR!

To connect/ link point A to point B, you'll need a line/ connector. Without the line/ connector you cannot link the two together. To cross a bridge, you will need a bridge, without a bridge how are you supposed to cross...a bridge...duh?!

To get connect to a wifi network, you'll need wifi signal emitted by the router/ host and get it linked with your machines.....how the hell can I get my machine connected to a router that's not emitting any blardy wifi signal?!!!

For the first time, NetGear been acting up, since weekend....realized it was not emitting 802.11g signal it was designed to emit.

Already stacked it in its box...wanna send back to the seller, top-up some RM and change with a Belkin maybe....or see if I can actually afford the real thing....a MAC Airport Base Station.....then from there...it be nothing but MAC!

China makes the lousiest products and clones....anybody wants this stupid router that's designed for Windows?!

Might as well sleep since I don't think I would be able to solve this issue.....

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