Sunday, November 27, 2005

Life Broadcast @IKANO


First time in years.....entry made from a now at IKANO Centre STARBUX.
Am too lazy to get the digicam connected to post up some pixies...will do that later at homey lah. Majority of the wifi-ers are on Windoze (huaarghhh!!! BOOOORRRIINNG!).....saw a dude with an iBook and another with a PowerBook at the inner part of the cafe. Dunno if they are MyMug-ers tho....

Alisya is enjoying Mama's Mocha Cheese cake (don't ask me!). The kids have been creating havoc since Friday, attentions were on them everywhere we go this weekend (as always). Tried to sell them to the barista but they just laughed at us just now!

The weekend was great.....strated with a couple of stints to the new TESCO at Suajana Impian and open house invitations....The first one was on Friday evening, right after we arrived from work. The jam was fabulous....everybody was eager to get into TESCO I guess. Vehicles are parked on noth sides of the if there's no more parking space available inside.

We parked inside and bought a couple of things, and had dinnet at The Chiken Rice Shop! Yeah!! No need to travel far now for a plate of chiken rice meh! Made friends with some of the shop owners too. One shop selling cameras....Olympus as their main brand. E-300 dual kit lense pack at special price offered, stock arriving next week. Not that I am really interested to get a DSLR, but just asking and creating some rapport lah!

On Saturday we went to buy the kids monthly stocks....and Mama decided to get a haircut. While waiting, Naufal & me bought a VCD....Jurassic Park - The Lost World!

Later that night, we went guessed it TESCO again! This time for a more serious shopping for the kitchen. Had dinner and went home feeling sleepy & tired.

On Sunday (today) we had breakfast at Alamanda and get ourselves ready for open house invitations. First one - at the adik-beradik susuan of the kids. It was rainiy but the rain did not stopped them from enjoying the trip. Then off to En. Dzulkifli Zain's (kids call him Atuk!!!) place. We enjoyed the best mee rebus in Malaysia - served by auntie - as always!

Then we decided since we are so near to IKEA, why not just drop by and do some small damage (to Mama's wallet!). Looks like I will have to do some Bob The Builder's role sooner or later....sheesh!

Tomorrow is going to be a working day! ALAMAAAKK!!
Well anyway, we had a great weekend, compared to the last one!

Tiring, yes (everybody should try have a weekend handling two kids aged 2.5years!) but the most important thing is - NO DAMN FEVER OVER THE WEEKEND!

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