Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Linking...bridging....connecting....starting to hate NETGEAR!

To connect/ link point A to point B, you'll need a line/ connector. Without the line/ connector you cannot link the two together. To cross a bridge, you will need a bridge, without a bridge how are you supposed to cross...a bridge...duh?!

To get connect to a wifi network, you'll need wifi signal emitted by the router/ host and get it linked with your machines.....how the hell can I get my machine connected to a router that's not emitting any blardy wifi signal?!!!

For the first time, NetGear been acting up, since weekend....realized it was not emitting 802.11g signal it was designed to emit.

Already stacked it in its box...wanna send back to the seller, top-up some RM and change with a Belkin maybe....or see if I can actually afford the real thing....a MAC Airport Base Station.....then from there...it be nothing but MAC!

China makes the lousiest products and clones....anybody wants this stupid router that's designed for Windows?!

Might as well sleep since I don't think I would be able to solve this issue.....

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Life Broadcast @IKANO


First time in years.....entry made from a hotspot....am now at IKANO Centre STARBUX.
Am too lazy to get the digicam connected to post up some pixies...will do that later at homey lah. Majority of the wifi-ers are on Windoze (huaarghhh!!! BOOOORRRIINNG!).....saw a dude with an iBook and another with a PowerBook at the inner part of the cafe. Dunno if they are MyMug-ers tho....

Alisya is enjoying Mama's Mocha Cheese cake (don't ask me!). The kids have been creating havoc since Friday, attentions were on them everywhere we go this weekend (as always). Tried to sell them to the barista but they just laughed at us just now!

The weekend was great.....strated with a couple of stints to the new TESCO at Suajana Impian and open house invitations....The first one was on Friday evening, right after we arrived from work. The jam was fabulous....everybody was eager to get into TESCO I guess. Vehicles are parked on noth sides of the road...as if there's no more parking space available inside.

We parked inside and bought a couple of things, and had dinnet at The Chiken Rice Shop! Yeah!! No need to travel far now for a plate of chiken rice meh! Made friends with some of the shop owners too. One shop selling cameras....Olympus as their main brand. E-300 dual kit lense pack at special price offered, stock arriving next week. Not that I am really interested to get a DSLR, but just asking and creating some rapport lah!

On Saturday we went to buy the kids monthly stocks....and Mama decided to get a haircut. While waiting, Naufal & me bought a VCD....Jurassic Park - The Lost World!

Later that night, we went to.....you guessed it TESCO again! This time for a more serious shopping for the kitchen. Had dinner and went home feeling sleepy & tired.

On Sunday (today) we had breakfast at Alamanda and get ourselves ready for open house invitations. First one - at the adik-beradik susuan of the kids. It was rainiy but the rain did not stopped them from enjoying the trip. Then off to En. Dzulkifli Zain's (kids call him Atuk!!!) place. We enjoyed the best mee rebus in Malaysia - served by auntie - as always!

Then we decided since we are so near to IKEA, why not just drop by and do some small damage (to Mama's wallet!). Looks like I will have to do some Bob The Builder's role sooner or later....sheesh!

Tomorrow is going to be a working day! ALAMAAAKK!!
Well anyway, we had a great weekend, compared to the last one!

Tiring, yes (everybody should try have a weekend handling two kids aged 2.5years!) but the most important thing is - NO DAMN FEVER OVER THE WEEKEND!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Time flies in a flash

The last weekend was disastrous. My fever took over everything, until Monday/ Tuesday. Really annoying. Am not going to tolerate another round of fever after this. Am not going to take any more cough syrup prescribed by any of the MDs, the stupid syrups only made me feel dizzy and sleepy. Cough will go on and on, phlegm will build up. Why laa can’t they just use Breacol or Wood for crying out loud?!! Those two, really work better and faster than the bottles of “specialized” syrup so to say. Really annoying.

Recently we brought Alisya to her “school”. Naufal was not feeling well so he was left at home to recuperate. Mama wants to survey the syllabus and costs. She did some comparisons against other names in the game. I guess we are in the right track. Alisya & Naufal is now in the process of being “prepped” for their first day of schooling….my babies are growing……time really flies.

One fine evening we went to Alamanda (again!) to do some grocery shopping. We were in CarreFour when I realized there was this person with his kids, purchasing poultry. The person looks like between the age of end 30s – mid 40s, sporting a Scuderia Ferrari Team Shirt.

He took a pack of cleaned chicken and gave it to the worker at the counter, asking the worker to cut the chicken and clean it.

The worker worked on the item pronto. The Ferrari guy then asked the worker to replace the packaging first, clean it up or something, then cut the chicken and put it in another new packaging. He gave the instructions to the worker as if he is paying the salary of the worker and he was using his index finger, pointing at the worker and the chicken and the packaging in relevance sequence lah while giving the instruction, rather loudly.

How rude. Yeah customer is always right but do you have to be bossy & rude to the guy who’s trying to earn a decent income? Awak tu dah berumur, tunjuklah contoh yg elok sikit kat anak2 yg awak bawak tu….maybe it his cucu ke or whatever….I don’t know laa but the fact is, regardless of your title, regardless of you being the customer, please treat others as polite as possible lah pakcik….baru pakai baju Scuderia Ferrari dah nak belagak macam you own an Enzo…….I don’t think the only person yg owns an Enzo in this country pun belagak macam he owns CarreFour…..

I realized the week is ending…and I have been busy in the office since Tuesday (Monday was still on MC ler). Spent most of my time in the filing room which we kinda like to use as our meeting room or WAR room to be more precise.

Gheez…..spent at least two full days in that room with CL and bosses….including today too. Anyways, we were happy that we managed to clear things off faster than others (others said that, not us!)

It's already more than 6 months since I was appointed this position. Just submitted the half year appraisal in the afternoon, as approved by the boss. Kinda “colorful” – not flying colors but, really colorful…..macam-macam adaaa! Dari rating 1 sampai laa ke rating 4!! Ahahahahah! I actually asked those ratings of “1” and “2” to be down graded to “3”, keep all the “3” ratings and one “4” rating (I can make it a “3” in 6 months time la, no issue!)
Getting a rating more superior than average ?! Phobia! Am not ready to be seen as above average la boss! I just want a decent rating, enjoy work, get more experience and get on with life...but thanx for your kindness and appreciation.
....the only time I knew I really deserved a “2” was long ago, in a different place…..was denied of it, could not care less about scoring in appraisals after that.

Woohoo!!! Done the MAC OS X update on Yoda (plus some other softwares updates due!) Looks like everyting is running smooth and faster on OS X V10.4.3

Weekend is really near…..I don’t want to fell sick again lah!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Sleeping Like a Baby

Well look at that! That's my kid bro's youngest son, Khairil Danish. A quiet hunk he is. Shy personality. With the eyes of a strategic planner/ thinker. (Maybe can ask Uncle Kimster to recruit him when he's ready!!)

This is one nephew we seldom met, due to our schedule and inability to travel much - we'll see how it goes when Aliya is out lah!

Gheez...I need to post Aliya's lastet pix (long over due!). Anyways, Baby Aliya is doing fine & strong, the expected delivery date would be 26 Dec but it may be earlier...ranging from 12 Dec...now that would be a nice date isn't it....12-12-2005. Whatever the date is gonna be, insya-Allah we are very ready for Baby Aliya! Everything is in place except for her baby cot. Specs hunt done much earlier (as always), just to decide which one to get now.....

The past few weeks have been very hectic. I finally failed to cope with the running around and chasing time to settle things. Body temperature went like roller coaster since Wednesday night. I can barely hear my keyboard while typing this and last checked my temperature was reaching 40degree - a couple of minutes ago. I am sure it went above 40 a few times tonight...lucky I made myself sedated since 930pm .

(Recall: The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated!) .

Woke up feeling very erkk....sick, couple of hours ago when the effect of that storng pill wears off. I thought its was 430am-5am (time I ususally woke up) but was surprised to see that it was just reaching 2am! I have not been sleeping long apparently.....

Am not coming to office in the morning. I don't dare to drive. The only driving I would do will be a trip to the clinic and back. Maybe stop at the grocery for some bubur ingredients and wooohoo yess...some ice creams to deal with this throat. What a good excuse to consume ice creams! Then I will try to catch some sleep....just like Baby Danish is doing up there!

Am just glad Alisya, Naufal & Mama are through with their fever....

I MUST recover before the week ends! Am sure that's something anybody would hate to encounter...FEVER ON WEEKEND and recover just before the working day!

Have to start recuperating NOW! Good nite Yoda!

(Yoda = my MAC...and he is not having any fever at all, his body temp is now at 45degree C....a healthy temperature for an iBook in a room with air-conditioning system turned off. Now, if I am an iBook with my current temp I would not be considered as sick, infact I would need to get warmer and uhhh.....ghezzz what am I writing!)

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Twins talking about Eid 2005

Kantoi the twins borak-ing...in their bedroom, few minutes after lights off...

Naufal: So....how was Raya aaa Kakak?

Alisya: Hmmm...I think it was really a feast....foods, foods and more foods, like when we went to that authentic Indon Minang Restaurant Mama always wanted to try - gheee I really loved that "teh botol" and the desert thingy (kinda like ABC but not quite), and that day when we went to TGIF for a feast of Fajita Nachos and some western foods - the waiter & waitress were really nice to me...well, of course they have to be nice since I am so cute ha ha ha!
Naufal: UWEKKK!
Alisya: Oh oh oh and remember the trip to Chiken Rice Shop in Alamanda when that waitress cud not believe in this world there is a girl as cute as me...and at McD Leisure Mall when the two aunties keep on tyring to borak with us? Mana lagi ekk kita gi makan Adeik?! Anyway, bottom line dia, I cannot recall we went to so many eating place in a week, but most of all, I really enjoyed our homemade ketupat, and stuffs....Mama makes the bestest rendang in the whole world, hands down. Ishhh...laparr aaa pulak Adeik...

Naufal: Yeah...that's you laa Kakak...foods, foods foods...well I am not really into eating....what I really like about this raya is we got lotsa toys in a week, the Bob The Builder Tools, the garbage truck, and you got your Baby kit..and oh oh oh our fishing rod! And I did enjoy our long distance drive, when Tok Mak & Tok Abah finally arrived after a month long stay in Mecca, we went to fetch them...went all the way down to JB at our Pak Ngah's place....lama siut kita dah tak gi Jb kan Kakak kan?

Alisya: Yeah...but too bad Ayah was called back to office the next day...spoil betul laaa kan Adeik!?
Naufal: Ya laaa! Apaa laa Ayah ni.....baru nak main Bob the builder dgn Abg Danial dah nak kena rush balik KL plak...nasib baik we continued the celebration this weekend...went back to Kampung and the cousins were there too...yahuuu!

Alisya: Yeshh!!! Yeshhh!! I enjoyed burning the bunga api...woohooo!

Alisya: But pity our baby cousins Raiyan & Danish...they are too young to join us messing up Tok Mak & Tok Abah's hall....maybe next year kot?

Naufal: Ha ah laa...Kesyiaann kat Raiyan especially, sebab dia demam....eh!! But maybe he'll be coming here tomorrow morning kan after apppointment dgn doctor? Woohooo!! Baby Raiyan is coming!

Alisya: Ye ka? Besshhh laa kalau mcm tu! Anyway we did have a great time....kan?
Naufal: Yeah we sure did....
Alisya: Eh Adeik! Maybe tomorrow night we can still pasang the pelita at our home laa kan Adeik? We still have bunga api kaa?
Naufal: Ada lagi kot....I think Mama ada simpan somewhere in that white plastic bag, hmmm I think I know where....tomorrow we can korek and find it lah, Mama & Ayah working kan tomorrow?
Alisya & Naufal: Hehehehehhe! Hek! Hek! Hek! Hek!

Mama: Oi! Tu apa yg borak2 lagi dlm bilik tu! Go to sleep laaa...Mama gigit kang!

Alisya & Naufal: Alamak....almost kantoi.....Zzzzzzzz!

Tok Mak & Tok Abah's Little Mess-Makers

Friday, November 04, 2005


Just to share some pix on our first day raya in Saujana Impian...CLICK on the image to get a bigger view

Yesss! Home made ketupat!

Alisya & Naufal: Doing their Maaf Zahir Batin Biggg Huggg!

The twins at the dining table...first raya celebration at their Saujana Impian homey....with ketupat, lemang, kuah kacang, ayam masak merah, rendang (Mama makes the best rendang in the world!), sirap bandung, various versions of kek lapis from Sarawak & some other stuff...not bad at all huh?

Getting ready for the photo session....

Selamat Hari Raya to our families in Kuching, Johor and everywhere!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!


~ My Raya MUST Have: Ketupat Jantung (left) & Ketupat Bawang (right)
sendiri anyam tuu!

I guess everything is turning out to be just fine after all...

The paint job is completed (as you can see above...) while Mama's effort of touching up of our small garden is done....with some extra creativity......we'll see how long can this "telurs" survive living with Alisya & Naufal!

We went for ifthar @ Pizza Hut and went around looking for daging & ayam for rendang, also managed to grab a bundle of daun for our ketupat....I started working on the ketupat immediately after terawih.....

All you need for D-I-Y Ketupat Raya:
1- Daun
2- Some water & towel to clean the daun
3- Pisau to deal with the unwanted part of the daun
4- Tikar to sit on
5- iBook to get connected to Gooooooogle or whatever, just incase terlupa anyaman punya formulas!
So, tomorrow (or rather TODAY!) is going to be a busy day!

....I shall have to stuff rice into these and cook it properly for hours next

Sempena Aidilfitri ni, kami sekeluarga menyusun 50 jari (4 of us + Baby Aliya!) memohon ampun & maaf atas segala kesalahan kami, especially me, maaf banyak2 if anything I have ever posted here ada yg telah mempertersinggungkan any of you frequents of this site, maaf banyak-banyak.

To all CMUians, PDB-ians, Mitco-ians, EPEMSBians, iP-launch team (you know who you are!), Xantheusians, MyPDAcafe "originales", MyMUG, blogger united & friends of the torque - maaf zahir batin, from my heart, kalau ada yg tersalah tersilap, terkutuk, termakan, terminum etc mintak ampun & halal dunia akhirat ye!

Untuk family;

Mak & Abah: wish you were here but you guys are probably having a great time in Mekah! Maaf zahir batin, ampuni dosa-dosa Along sekeluarga, we love you both so much!

Bapak & Mak & family in Kuching: Anakanda sekeluarga mohon Ampun & Maaf zahir batin.

Angah & Tini, Danial, Durra & Danish; Lala, Wan & Raiyan: Maaf zahir batin, guess this year it is really a different way of celebration huh? Drive carefully and take care. We'll get together soon, the whole clan!

Cik Tamyes & family: Maaf zahir batin! Memang dah lama sangat tak turun JB, insya-Allah bila baby dah lahir & lepas pantang Along akan buat one round of family tour!

Tun Abd Rahman & Kak Yati: Salam Aidil fitri dari kami sekeluarga, maaf zahir & batin.

Mak Ngah & Ayah, Mak Long, Ngah Aziz, Kak Ilah & Abg Meng & family: Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf zahir & batin, mintak maaf sebab dah lama tak balik Segamat, insya-Allah bila dah selamat bersalin & abis pantang nanti kami akan balik juga.

Abang Ard & family: Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin, terimaka kasih tolong Along untuk servis besiburuk import tu!

Abg Yar & Kak Intan, Abg Razak, Abag Zahar, Ngah Lat & Abg Atan, Abg Halim & Kak Shinaz, Abg Mursyid & family, Abg Mat & Kak Sal, Abg Usop & Kak Razi & semua anak2 family: Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin...thx htr SMS, MMS - tableh baca service provider lain kot!

Uncle Kamar &Auntie: Maaf zahir batin! Raya kat KL ke kat Jepun dgn anak bujang tu?!

Kak In & Abd Dol, Ayeen & Azmil, Farah & Fitri, Faznita & ???!: Maaf zahir batin, jemput2 la mai Saujana Impian....budak2 ni dah besaq dah!

...dan untuk semua ahli keluarga yg lain and semua member2 yg lain juga (nak list down tak sempat......dah nak sahur dah ni!); SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN

Let's celebrate Raya as Muslims...not as Malays (or Jawas!)....
I am already missing the month of Ramadhan.... let's pray that we'll meet Ramadhan again next year...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Big Day is very near

Today we took Alisya & Naufal to the playground, the one they have not been to for quite a while...since they were too energetic these past few days even thogh they sleep less and woke up early.
Unfortunately, the session failed to tire them, they just refuse to sleep, hopefully they'll surrender by 3pm.....I need a nap myselfy!

Raya is just around the corner...our preparation is almost there.....
The house painting project is still WIP, hopefully by tomorrow it will be done, MUST be done!
The kids have already lit their pelita, trial run before the actual raya day.
Ingredients for the raya dishes are in place, I am just a bit worried of not getting daun for my ketupat.....plan B would be ketupat segera, already in stock.

We'll see how it goes!