Sunday, October 16, 2005

Workstation with no views!

The image was captured one fine evening at the workstation of my "used to be workstation roomie". Even to my untrained eyes of a photog-wannabee, the reflections on the window surface of the office llighting can be seen, but for the sake of originality I did not do any editing on this image.

Its been quite a while since we moved out from the room given to us earlier - meant for Senior Managers - and for that we are now given proper workstations each, the ones that fits our working status. Che Lie got a neat manager workstation with a nice view and actually more spacious than the room we had. The pix taken above was composed from her new work area.

On the other hand, I inherited a workstation originally occupied by 2 execs, one is now in a project team and another one is completing his masters and moving out. In other words - I get a third hand workstation lah...

On my left are my colleagues workstations - Eju & Rina, they are closer to the glass so they got view, which means they have nothing to bitch about (Yeah Right!!).

On my right is the manager workstation of my team mate in the previous project setup, Hisham.

If I raise my head all I see is the wall separating the smoking room, pantry, utility room, communication hub etc. etc.....

....and (here's the best part) behind me is another wall that separates my workstation from the room of team's Senior Manager! Nice huh?

No I am not complaining, I am just telling, infact I like my new workstation and try to make is as cozy as possible and since there are no rules saying we are only entitled to x-number of drawers and cabinets, I took as many as I can handle and use the cabinets & drawer to make it like a cubicle. Here it is from one angle:

Note that when this pix was taken I still have my T23 (the black thing next to that bright screened 4c3r laptop in the middle). Not long after this pix was taken all went kaput, and I lost lotsa of works done on that 4c3r's HDD. The only thing that left breathing till this moment is my Dino - the smallest one on the table.....and that little Dino has been with me everywhere I carry my backpack to. Lesson learnt: EPOC machines are really cool! MACs are cool! So not like the ones majority of the world is logged on know what I am talking about!

Outside of Ramadhan, plain water and tit-bits are still served to visitors of my workplace - officially or not, well mainly unofficially cuz the occupants of this floor seems to be very hungry bunch of clowns!

So, there you go, my new workstation. Will be there for the next few years till I decided where to go next!

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