Monday, October 17, 2005

Who won?

From old folder:
At the RenaultF1Team command centre in F1 Sepang

Remember Achoncho...the mission is just to bring the V10 engine home, and we are done for this season....faham aaa? OK aaa?

Heheheh! Who won? Who again? Who?

R is for reliable. R is for Renault. Renault is not for boastful braggard handsome drivers, Renault is not for snobbish successful yuppies (or self proclaimed wannabees)...they tend to prefer Hondas or Beamers or Merce, generally speaking lah..... hehhehe jgn marah aa sesiapa yg ader keter2 nih!!

Apakellass pakai keter French!

Say what you want but it was Renault who started the V10 development, the turbo charged engine....they laughed at Renault as the Yellow Teapot those early was a long journey but we are here already - THE CHAMPION CONSTRUCTOR & DRIVER FOR F1 2005!

Lesson learnt: Never underestimate an underdog, especially if its striped yellow & blue!

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