Thursday, October 27, 2005

Texas Trail revisited

We have been eating hotel foods since Monday...but today is a little different.....I got to meet the guy who hosted our team when we were in Houston TX for a project couple of years ago.

He is a very friendly person. He actually came and picked us up at Galleria Houston for a dinner at his place, a solid (if I recall correctly) 45-60 minutes drive (Texas Trail, Sugar Land). That was the first time I had turkey! Aww come on! It really was my first time tasting daging ayam Belanda! Orang kampung first time gi Amerika laaa beb!

We spent a couple of hours berborak then he drove us back to the Galleria....a very good, friendly, humble and generous host.

I realize it was the same guy when he walked on to the stage for his speech. After prayers, I looked into the Contact List in my totally outdated P900 and found the name and address in TX still intact! I actually recorded that info into my IBM WorkPad C3 Palm OS device which I used those early years, synch it with all other devices that I have been using all the years after that.

I walked to the table he was sitting and showed him the address, he immediately recalled our visit to TX! We talked for a while and we found out we live quite close to each other - BTHO and Saujana Impian is not far at all!

He's now based in this region - a big guy to the company he's been working with.

To Megat Zariman of Schlumberger, thank you so much for your kindness & hospitality dude!

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