Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stuffs for Yoda

Waited more than a year for this purchase...The Considerable Embarassment & sidekick Thirsty Al meet KOSS the UPS

Yoda has no proper sleepingBAG, not until I got my first Crumpler on Tuesday this week.....its just natural for a MAC to have a Crumpler as its proper sleepingBAG....
Waiting for the MAC compatible see-through mousie to arrive from Vietnam next....and the router to work properly!
Looks like I have to borrow Kudeen's T42 to do that......or maybe try what the MyMug dudes mentioned in the forum...

Gheez....lotsa pix & story to post.....last scan of Baby Aliya, our small garden rebuilt, the twin's bedroom and stuff......need more effort! Need more effort!

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