Friday, October 14, 2005

Seriously hungry?

Seriously hungry?
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The puasa month is different this year. Alisya & Naufal are now able to join us for berbuka & sometimes sahur too.
This one was taken when we were buying foods for berbuka, at the Pasar Ramadhan near our place. Alisya seems to like murtabak, like her daddy! Naufal, well he'll just take anything and chew it for hours and be happy!
After berbuka, one day they did join us for a terawih at home, almost wreck havoc lah! Bila angkat takbir ok lagi, then they started to run around us and do their stuff, bila orang dah bagi salam & baca doa,, they'll be on their small sejadah again lah!
OH...they sleep on their own now. Maybe I'll post up a pix of their own room....once I get to figure out how to do scripting to make multiple images in flickr + blogspot.....sat aaa....let me godek this thing kejap.....
(learning is always long as its not just full of failures and no glimpse of success!)

Well well seems that I may have figure out the scripting to add images in one entry using a MAC.....That's the ayam golek, we had one of those over the weekend. The kids love it!
Time to sleep lah......good nite Yoda!


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