Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Revisiting Section 14 PJ

I wrote this on my Dino (PSION Netbook) a few weeks back. Converted into .rtf format, transferred to a laptop (not T23..sobs!) and then transferred to my Yoda (nick for my iBook), edited on TextEdit before finally transferring it online. So, this simple entry actually came a long way before it reaches here lah!


Its been quite a while since I last came here, McD opposite of Jaya, Section 14 PJ. I had to send the Scenic to its workshop and while waiting for it to be completed, I decided to take the short walk to the place I used to lepak when I was a student, Section 14 PJ.
Had lunch at my favorite Nasi Ayam place. It is still the same as those days, well almost. Am happy to see the uncle who sells the best sotong kangkung, tauhu bakar, kerang rebus, he is still running the show there! I enjoyed the lunch and it costs me only RM5 for a good helping of nasi ayam & ABC.
Then I went into Jaya. There is an Adidas factory outlet shop in there. Talking to the workers, I found out that they have just started business less than an hour when I stepped in. Bought something for wifey and me. A good quality track-bottom (almost like NZ All Blacks) and a lady sport's tee both totaled up to only RM50. Damn cheap!
I left Jaya and headed to the small surau where I used to pray whenever I came here lepaking during those students years. Its still there but its not as inviting as it used to be, has no more carpet to cover its floor. Upon completing my prayer, the workshop called, with good news! The damage on the Scenic was not due to compressor, its just the ball-bearing pair and the belt of the compressor that's causing the rampage. This means that I am not going to spend RM2,800 on a compressor lah!
So, feeling happy, I went up to McD to grab some drinks and read some Nona Roguy article wifey printed for me and decided to do this entry. My T23 is expected to be out of the workshop today or tomorrow. So its still the old reliable Dino for me....hope I would be able to post this entry on my T23 soon lah....

Well..since my drinks are done and I have nothing else to write, I will be walking back to the workshop in a while. Hopefully by the time I reach there the Scenic will be ready.........

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