Monday, October 10, 2005


.....moved from a black box to a white box....from a Darth to a Jedi!

After so much undesired encounter with the OS used by majority of the the torque has finally converted to become a MAC user....

This is not the first time I moved away from "the darkside"........learning from my experience moving from Palm OS to PPC then back to Palm OS and Symbian, I am pretty sure the move to MAC will be a long one....if not forever!

though my T23 is still around it is not pretty much the same....I am very disappointed with the result of the service done. Yeah maybe I will keep the T23, it can be used as spare and for visitors to my hut. Maybe I will sell it off...still have not decided actually....

Anyways....tried to change some setting on the blog and due to some limitations imposed by blogger and haloscan, I have lost the comments to some older postings....sheesh! Have to pay/ donate to get everything up perfect but I think I will do it the torqxic way aje lah!

Some templates does not work well with the editings I have done on my sidebars, I decided to keep the dark background (maybe for now?)

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