Tuesday, October 25, 2005

If you are arrogant, please don't come here again!

Was walking out of the airgate after maghrib prayer when this one guy from one company I used to work was about to walk in. He stopped me and asked me what is the best PDA phone to get now.

I answered casually, perhaps you could consider the XDAii Mini.

His response was, "Shit! Small memory lah" and walked on without looking at me or say anything else.

WTF?!! Techies used that device and they can live with it and do stuffs with it, possibly more than the guy would ever be able to do stuffs with his.....ookaaayy let's not go there...

How rude....some people kan, are really stupid with regards to tech and yet try as hard as they can to be tech savvy. Be (or pretend to be) as tech savvy as you want but please BEHAVE properly when talking to others. The blardy gadget won't make you any different of an asshole at all laa richboy! So you have ( or going to get) a state-of-the-art smartphone, tell the world about it.....in the end you'd probably use it to make & receive calls, SMS and put some stupid porn pix/ movie in it and go wank the hell out of your fat arse. WTF do you mean "small memory"? Is it the RAM or ROM or the stupid card that come with it in the IO SD slot? Gheez in the first place, do you really know those jargons I just used? OH you don't? Damn...and I thot the company you are in is full of smart young (and THINK they are smart, and young!) people.

(Dang....am I really mad or what!)

If you happen to come across people like this jerk, what would you feel?

Anyways, I am slowly moving out from the mainstream of tech.....I would not be able (read: refuse!) to support any of them very soon, reasons:

1) I don't use Windoze & Microshit.....the laptop you use is perhaps twice the price of all my outdated IT stuffs in my bag.
2) I don't use sexy smart phones on Microshit platform - the one I carry with me is totally outdated but I cud do more stuff with than....ok ok let's not go there again!
3) This wannabetechsavvy tribe - most of them - are just too rich (or think they are rich) and trying hard to look tech savvy, I am allergic to this tribe....very allergic
4) I don't upgrade everytime a new product is launched so I don't really know what it is for....maybe to make & receive calls and do some SMS? Those functions savvy enough for you?
5) The sector of my brain that stored the memory of using any other devices other than MAC & Symbian/ EPOC based would just fail to retrieve information asked by arrogant wannabees.....go ask Bill Gates, OR ANY OTHER ARROGANT WANNABEES...

As a person, it is just a normal wish to end the day in a good mode. Agree? Well not everybody would like to end the day in a bad mood…if you are one of them, something must be wrong with you then…Perhaps you should get together with the arrogant guy I mentioned above...

I was having quite a good day until towards the end (yeah the arrogant richboy really made my day!).

Was very excited when I collected the wi-fi router & UPS from Kudean around lunch time and went through the user manual of the router. Looks easy, only thing is…..I have to bring back the bloody 4C3R machine to set thing. No documentation on the pack saying it can be done from a MAC. Well, if iths the way to do it, and I must use the dreaded machine, then I just must lah....

Fast forward…..what was supposed to be 20 minutes work turned out to be almost 3 hours labor! Setting up the UPS was a jiff, definitely but the router….totally different scenario. I followed the procedures in detail, to the exact alphabets of every words! Everything went well until the final section of the procedure, where the router could not connect to the laptop, LAN light blinking furiously! Re-tried and re-tried and retried, to the point that I decided to dump it and try get help from the Jedi Mahagurus…

Well at least I can still get connected on wire, and with the UPS as the vanguard, I don’t have to worry about having a fried MoBo for sahur!

The failure pissed me off a bit lah….but I don’t actually feel that bad, considering the fact that it is mentioned in the manual that setting the router up with an office networked PC/ laptop is not really recommended, since thee may be some settings that need to be cleared by the office administrator. Dealt with the IPconfig on DOS but to no avail so I guess I have to ask help from the real expert lah! Posted it on MyMug already….real techies here, not arrogant wannabees...definitely not richboy's club!

I pray that Alisya & Naufal won't become a character like that guy lah......Amin!

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