Friday, October 21, 2005

Goodbye T23!

That's my old faithful T23, my first notebook I ever bought. Been with the family since 2003, until last night, I finally sold it off to the vendor who has been paid to help me maintain it since 2003.

The machine was a refurbished unit - up-spec here and there, add this and that....but it did a very good job since the first day I bought it from an online deal.

It started deteriorating when loads of patches and fixes were automatically installed (should have disabled that in the first place) and one night the downloading went too long and being the workhorse, the T23 was still doing the stuff I use it for and then being left on for too long to cater for that stupid patch/ fix download, the next day, the screen saver was still, that's when I realized the machine has gone overboard. After a few attempt to revive it, I suspect that the MoBo was fried. Sent it to the vendor......

Fast forward, after replacing the MoBo, things went down hill. The soul of my T23 was not the same.

If I am ever to get another notebook, it will be the IBM. The T23 has convinced me, IBM built tough & reliable machines. My kids have whacked it's keyboard and case, dropped it from place I use it to work my stuff, I once threw the bag containing the T23 to a cabinet due to uncontrolled anger to one boss (long story but I am glad I lashed the anger on the bag, not the person otherwise it may have been pretty ugly) the action I did shocked the office floor but the damage on the T23 was only on its hinge, it just slipped a bit and was fixed in less than 30 seconds .

The T23 was very tough and reliable, except for the OS its using, which is a totally overrated screwed up junk.

Well, I believe the T23 is now under operation, maybe down spec-ing it to fit the market price of current P-III machines, some of the hardwares may be replaced.......whatever it may going to be like in the end, I'd always remember my T23 like the first day I got it.

Good bye T23! You will always be with the family, as far as we are concerned you are now a stack of RM in my wallet, which will be used to fund the new gate, so technically, T23, you will always be here!

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