Sunday, October 23, 2005

A cool gadget for mummy & daddy....

We can hear what our baby is doing in
mummy's tummy with this little that not cool!

Towards the end of the first trimester, wifey bought this litle device called BebeSounds - Prenatal Heart Listener. She did that after doing some research on the net and found out the device has landed on Malaysian shores about one or two years back.

No side effect on the baby for using this device - claimed by the manufacturer, confirmed that with our gynae. If I am asked to explain what this device is all about, I'd just say its like the stetoscope (is that the correct spelling?) used by doctors, only not in its conventional form.

We - including Alisya & Naufal - have listened to our baby's movements, heartbeat and hiccups...yeah hiccups!

I think there's another model that would allow us to record the sound, but that one comes only with one headset jack if I am not mistaken....but.....hmmm.....let's see.... maybe we can record the sound using this model we have too.....

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