Sunday, October 16, 2005

Buai Laju Laju....


There you have it. The twins on their new swing.

Now they can enjoy main buaian whether its raining or hot since the buai they own is parked on our small little porch.

They have been very very active these past few months. Alisya has taken over the function of my wake-up alarm. Almost every morning after sahur she'd woke up and if she sees me with my eyes closed she'll be pestering me:

"Ayyaaah....ayaaahh! Banyun ayaah.....Chen-up, nak tutung, ayaaah, wake-up....."
Translated: Ayah, ayah, bangun ayah, stand up, nak dukung ayah, wake up

Naufal on the other hand would be using a different method....he'd just slamdunk on my tummy and giggle! (Thank god Alisya does not subscribe to this school of method!)

We have been attending pre-natal classes at Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre (GIMC) since last week, which means that we have to sacrifice Saturday, which also means that we have one the Sunday to bring them anywhere. Alisya has been saying things like "Nak jalan, nak pegi Alam anda....jom, lets go Mama".....

I think I know why she miss Alamanda, the last time we went there we were allowed entrance to the playground meant for kids above 3 years old. They really enjoyed the time they had. Almost had to drag them out of the place!

This Saturday we did not have time for that but we did went to Alamanda for berbuka @Mama's favorite steamboat restaurant.

Looks rainy from my desk, Alisya is with her Usu Ani and Naufal is still tertonggeng in their room. Not sure what we are going to do today but the afternoon is booked for the final race in Shanghai....if the weather permits, maybe we'll do some playground thingy later....

Talking about the final race circuit of this season, we were surprised with the Renault front row result and hoping for the best result today - winning the Constructors Championship. I think I'll take my bath now and wear the Renault bandana till the end of the race no matter what's the result going to be like, we still have a Renault as part of our family!

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