Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Reliability issue - not about F1

These past couple of weeks have been a turbulance - at home, in the office, everywhere - for me.
Laptops (plural ok...not singular!) crashed, cars having hiccups, leaders having problems to give proper direction (nothing new), idiots walking the mile and bugging people to deliver good work, have to think and do stuffs like an e4 although earning is less than half of what they are getting, DIYs failures although I knew I have done everything right and there were sign of success all the way until total failure screwed my brains and I ripped the bloody thing off its place...dammit...come to think of it, lucky there's no window (real ones, not that the that Microshit thing) in the office if not I would have also thrown those lappies from 74th!


I found myself in bad mood constantly and its really bad. The weekends were not as eventful as always, the weekdays were tiring. This has got to stop. This weekend it has to stop. I am going to kill all those baddies and concentrate on living the goodies.

Come to think of it...why should I bother thinking about the baddies at all, I should have always do what I have been doing all these years, just deal with it and let it go lah.

Here's what I should do starting this weekend and I will give myself mid of October as the deadline for all these stuff....
1. Personal level:
- Why DIY when it will end me in anger? So, I will call the people to fix the lamps. I will call the people to fix the pipes. I will call the people to do the gate.
- I will get the old server fixed and get a proper netowrk router and surge protector this time. I will get the laptop fixed for good.....if not possible I will cannibalize it and get a MAC this time without wasting a moment to think.
- I will fix the radiator and get my old car back to normal condition.
- I will send wifey's MPV to the specialist for its due "medical check".
- I will get rid of the junks in my 'workplay area', give aways all those electronic junks that I still keep and start fresh.
- I will fix the RCs and get replacement juice-box for them to have longer working time for my babies to play
- I will get the visitor room converted to kiddy room and get that bed Mama mentioned
- Get the whole family something to show my appreciation to them...

2. Office thingy:
- I will get the laptops fixed and fight to get the proper softwares installed
- I will deal with the VicePres syndicationpacks in due time
- I will deal with the analytics and approach the MDs/ CEOs in due time
- I will deal with the line people in due time (mean peopole can f.o.a.d., I won't bother wasting mytime for these kinda of people)
- I will get my performance evaluation pack done in due time
- I will ignore idiots and enjoy working with the rest

I think I know why it has been a turbulance....I was out of focus....my focus was always to be happy with my kiddies and the rest of the world somehow caught me out of focus this time....

Not to self: See more pix of babies.....(that's a challenge, no machines, but lucky me, I managed J.I.T. to put all those images into CDRWs before everything went kaput!)

Naufal & Alisya....
pix taken during the days before they are capable to create havoc!

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