Thursday, September 01, 2005

Merdeka Day in the sky

This year, we decided to take the twins out on Merdeka Night to see fireworks. KLCC & Dataran Merdeka KL is out of the consideration though, over-packed and too hot and humid, very uncomfortable for the kids and Mama with Baby Achoncho. Putrajaya is the best option, so at about 930pm, off we go. On our way, we did a few pit-stops at some P-stations, to get those small Jalur Gemilang for the twins but to no avail.

Then I suddenly remembered a P-station in Precint 9....I met the owner for some project I initiated in my last job position and we called each other a few times after that on other matters. I stopped by at that P-station and saw that the owner was there. He recognized me but did not straight away recalled my name. After those 'how are things' kinda talk, I asked him whether he's selling any flags this year, need to get two for my twins, the answer was no, not this year but he gave me 2 flags that he got from his bless Mr N! The twins memang murah rezeki....Al-hamdulillah! Bid farewell to him and as always he'll ask me to drop by again for chit-chat/ coffee. He's a really friendly guy Mr N.

So...if you guys go to Putrajaya, please visit the "first P-station", in Precint-9 of that township...the owner is a very good person...not because he gave the flags to my kids but because he IS a very good person since I first met him for the project I mentioned earlier.

We went to Dataran Putra area (Putra Klasik Cafe to be exact) in Putrajaya. The place was crowded - people sat around the cafe area, occupying the tables supposedly for those who wanna have foods or drinks. Some were actually not ordering anything and some, I must say, pretend to look "seriously important" and kinda buat tak kisah when we asked around looking for seats for Mama and the kids (Sheesh!! Can't they see a preggy mummy and her kids here? I don't care who you are and what rank you have in gomen opis so cut that outdated unprofessional authocratic looks laa pakciks & makciks!)

I asked the senior waiter for a place and.....yup, we were kept waiting....I saw the dude was too busy taking orders from those "looking seriously important people". So I had to take my own action lah...I asked another Senior Waiter if I could just take one of those extra tables I saw in one end and pull some chairs, the dude say by all means go ahead. That's just what I did....and we got one of the best (if not the best!!) place at the cafe....right under the water-cooled fans and with big space for my twins to play.

While waiting for the main event, I became a shutterbug lah.....the result are nothing impressive at all, as you can see above and below in this posting...

The dome, from our spot

The happenings
The twins were quite energetic.....we (myself, Alisya & Naufal) walked around and around and around the lobby area...they make friends with some kids and played together....until finally Naufal decided to surrender.....and hit the botol susu!

Finally the awaited event came.....and when the countdown ends, everybody shouted "Merdeka!" including Alisya! Naufal was too tired even to wave his flag...but he enjoyed the fireworks...unlike his sister who became frightened of the noise of the explosion!

Merdeka!!! Aiks?! Takuts?

Hehehe...I am sure they have enjoyed their first Merdeka firework celebration.....I asked them about it the next morning and they were excited to 're-cap' what they experienced on that night, telling me what they did/saw (70% in their own words only they can understand!), and waving their flags frantically, jumping up and down shouting "Mert-tee-taaa!"

Yeah...they are too young to understand what merdeka means....but they'll grow to appreciate it, insya-Allah....And I definitely would not want to rush them to grow up....its their rights to enjoy being their age....isn't that a subset of merdeka too?

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