Wednesday, August 03, 2005

UNdead machine

Finally, last Friday, the dead ThinkPad became UNdead..... and I am Rm950 poorer!

The MoBo was fried, but the rest of the components are as good as ever. My prayers are answered, the thousands of my kids digital images are stored in this machine and I have not completed copying all of the files in CDs when the MoBo decided to kick the bucket.

I must admit I have been spec hunting for MAC machines and some types of laptops...but I guess it's a blessing in disguise having to allocate that budget to fix this baby instead. No regrets at all, simply because I got lots of other priorities, while I am just not the type that would upgrade just for the sake of having the latest, coolest, expensiv-est gadget. Well, most (actually all!) of my tech-toys are outdated anyway and though those iBooks and the new T-series are definitely in my wish-list, this T23 can still do what I want to do with a laptop/PC. It is (still!) my first laptop ever. Refurbished and up-spec-ed a bit, I got it online, paid in cash after testing it over lunch, back in 2003. It has delivered almost 2 years of hardwork now.
Some people can afford to get latest specs machines, while some others would just get the best they can afford in order to get the job done. Whatever machine I am using, I will always remember that it is my servant, not the other way around.

...and this particular servant, has always been my good old buddy! Time to sleep now, buddy!

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