Monday, August 29, 2005

Some people kan....

My twins trying to make friends! Opps! Sangkut sket..

Ever wonder why washing machines were created? Well...wonder no more!!

Hiyarghh!!! Hiyaarrghh!! Faster adik! Mama tak nampak, we can do superman style if we are fast enough!

Alamakk!! Kantoi gue! Ok laa...ok laa! No superman style laa!

Ishhh...why laa Mama doesn't allow me to do superman style....

What is he thinking? Apa-apa pun, hensem mesti mau kontrol....

Hausnyaaaa! Oits!! Jgn lupa tarik nafas pulak!

1. We spent half of the Sunday in our living room. Everybody was sleepy after a good breakfast Mama prepared. Then, after zuhur it was time to go out to get some photos of the helper for yearly renewal of permit. Then we went for some snacks and drinks, kids had a good time at Sugar Bun's in-house mini playground. They enjoyed the food too. After that we went grocery shopping. The complex was quite crowded since its Sunday and the school holiday is still not finished.

What I have been observing since the day we stayed in this area, people here prefers to use the escalators instead of the elevators. On the other hand, we - me wifey and our kids - would use the elevators only if we are using the walkers/ strollers, coming up from or going down to the parking basement. When we are in the complex we seldom use the elevators and opted for the escalators instead....for the sake of not making the traffic there becoming even worse lah.

Today, we had to use the elevator going down to the basement, since Naufal was in the Quinny. We had to wait our turn since only one of the two elevators was functioning.

While waiting, along came a family of 5, Malay, all healthy (i.e. able to walk the stairs easily if needs be) and they waited behind us - ok fair enough. When the door opened, in we go and the family also came in. The lift was already occupied, about 3 persons including a 4 years old (or around that age) kid. Yeah it was crowded but we did not mind since it is the only way for us to get down to the basement.

We arrived on the Basement floor fast (just one floor down) and at least one member of that family was actually blocking the doorway. I had to ask them to make way for us to get out! I could just pushed the Quinny and let it roll on their feet but I was not brought up as an idiot lah.

It appears that they were hitching the elevator from LG (as mentioned earlier, just a floor up the Basement) and they didn't even blink an eye to the rest out there in the basement waiting to go up to the shopping floors. There was one pregnant lady waiting outside the elevator. I just could not believe how selfish insensitive that family was. Hampeh punyer Melayu. Tak pernah jumpa lift ker hapa?!

Anyways, the pregnant lady had to wait for another round - no idea how long it would take if there are more people like that family in the lift lah.

2. We then went to that Bangi playground, the one that we have not visited for many months. Alisya & Naufal really sweat everything out. They attacked the slides, ran around non-stop until they were thirsty. That was when they decided to call it half-time. Then they continued with the slides....for almost an hour!

The playground was crowded - standard laa...weekend and school holiday lagi. But I am happy to observe that my kids can tolerate and give ways to others when it comes to sharing things. They are not 100% perfect laaa but when they were about to do something that is not quite polite or not being tolerant enough to others, what we need to do is just say 'No, don't do that, let your friend go first' and they will obey.....if not they will get lectured and punished on the spot or later at home laa. Bottom-line is - if you are dealing with the public, bear in mind that you are expected to be a civilized human being, no more, no less.

Now having said that, I do expect parents with proper educational background or at least 'ada bachaaa' will do the same. Well I am very very very wrong!

There was this one kid, about the same age as Alisya & Naufal, who was climbing the slide instead of going down from it properly. Not just once or twice, but all the time! People there were annoyed but being Melayu harmony must be there at all costs lah. Well....silap haribulan laa beb...I was there, my wife was there, harmony or no harmony, the playground was not made for that kid alone. He was creating danger to himself and where’s the fooking parent of this kid? Nobody knows.... I was busy snapping away images of my kids when I realized that kin in yellow tee was really creating a mess on that slide. I asked politely, whose son is this and nobody answered. There was a boy nearby who took the kid down a few times after parents around there told him not go up the slide the opposite way because the other kids are waiting to slide down. I guess that big boy was the big brother of the kid lah. Bertanggung-jawab jugak but where the fook is the parents? Mama later told us that the father came there and actually tried helping the kid up the slide. Mama stopped the kid and said, "If you want to play here play properly like the others do, nanti sendiri bahaya". The father took the kid down. Tara bachaa punyer bapak ker hapa dia tu?

Arrghhh!! Why laa that kid is there....

After a few rounds, the kids memang tak makan saman. So, I guess my kids pun are just like me wanna mess with me, you better be ready lah...guess what happened?

The kid was climbing up the slide for xxx time and Alisya decided not to wait, she just dashed down and imagine the momentum she has with her body.....that kid had a taste of Alisya's size 26 kiddie sandal! He laid there for a while. I went nearer and just looked at him. He was not crying but appeared shocked lah. I did not even apologize for Alisya. I just said, "Tak boleh buat apa laa kan kalau bapak dah tak pedulikan anak sendiri, nasib la kan. Alisya, come, let's go chase Naufal!"

Shortly after that the bapak came and took kid away. Good. If you don't know how to take care of your kid, don't bring him/ her to the playground. Now that the father has finally took away that kid, the other kids can play like more civilized human beings.

3. No wonder the cikgus & cikgis have problems with our students. Kalau sumer bapak macam that kid punyer bapak memang laa budak-budak tak reti nak berdisiplin. It may look simple and some may argue what's wrong of being creative and let him go against the flow? Of course it is wrong, I let Alisya & Naufal be creative too but when it involves public interaction, we must be clear of the do's and don'ts laaa. If you are the only one there tak kisah laa nak panjat slide ker nak panjat buaian ker nak jadik beruk mat yeh kee! Haiyaaa.....tarabachhaaa punyer orangg!!! Kalau dah rasa creative sangat buat laa theme park sendiri!

Anyways, the kid did not stirred even 1% of our intention of being at the playground, we had fun together and tonight after a round of building cameras with their mega-blocks (they are into photography this week!) the kids fell asleep much quicker!

Not the kid I mentiond but yet another sample of perhaps 'risk taker' kind of parenting style?

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