Sunday, August 28, 2005

The G-Punks

The G-Punk contestants
You may have heard about G-Punk motorbikes back in the 80's...originally it is GP-100, a Yamaha made motorbike. Well...on Saturday this weekend the Sg Kantan area had a G-Punk competition, but not the motorbike but bicycles that today's creative kids transformed beyond the original design (with the help of their pocket money or whatever!) and kinda look like the real G-Punk motorbikes!

Now this is a G-punker!
The competition was organized in-tandem with the Merdeka month by some seasoned cyclists around the area - one of them recently opened a bicycle shop, I got to know him recently when I dropped by to say hello to another well known seasoned cyclist who organized downhill weekend rides for enthusiasts in this area. To my surprise the shop owner is our neighbor on the next street, near to the twin's playground! Some seasoned cyclists in this area do realized 'my presence' few years back when I used to ride my old downhill rig...but that was like almost 3 years back!

Back to the G-punk competition....since we have nothing solid planned for Saturday weekend, we decided to take the kids to the competition.

Apa-apa hal pun, kita jerit Merdaka lerr dulu!

"Haaa korang nanti dah besar jgn laaa plak terhegeh-hegeh join lumba haram....aku jumpa muka korang sekor-sekor aku bobbit. Kut yer terer pun join laa pokcik aaa jadik rider VIP, macho tuu..."

Organizer working hard! Kudos!

Some of the "Pacak Category" guy got our flag summore!

Can you find where's the helmet?

Setting the stage for "Pacak Berhalangan"...see the guy in white top? He's a seasoned rider - seriously addicted to off-road & downhill rides, if you think you are already fit to be a mountain biker, try a weekend ride with him!

Warming-up for "Pacak Berhalangan".....damn....where'd they learn to do this stuff?!

The organizer also included a coloring contest to the menu and though the twins are not that good in holding pencils yet, I just let them join the contest for the sake of exposing them to competition. They did quite well, so to say! Well at least they did not chicken-out and they were eager to get the color pencils and papers from the organizer and sat together with the others who were years older than them and start doing they stuff right away! They had a great time.

The coloring contest

Look who's eager to compete!

Working her yet another masterpiece!

Pencil sharperner also can use........Hwahhh!!! How come Naufal can color the flag correctly?!

Oi! Time's up already dear!! Sampai tertonggeng concentrate! Ok...time to go!

The whole went quite smoothly and as you can see, since I brought along my tarak-class digicam, I just helped the hired photog to capture some of the happenings lah. Who am I to compare to the dude who carries a Nikon and a big bag of lenses laa kan?!!! But for the spirit of kampung-ites, I just hang around and composed whatever I can. The organizer promised to buy all my photos once I printed them but I made a deal with them - I will burn a CD for them and they don't have to pay me anything lah...cuz I may send my downhill rig to the shop sooner or later so, what is there to loose laa kan!

This is not a G-punk...but I think a Badut Circus would love to have this one! Creative siut budak kampung nih!

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