Monday, August 15, 2005

Another round of cool dip

The twins were rather restless throughout the week, having to spend the days and nights inside the house. Thanx to the open burning heartless and brainless people.

So, on Saturday, we went to our favourite stream.....we never get bored of doing this over and over again.

After a few minutes in the floater, Naufal was confident enough to climb out and go freestyle. Shallow waters first and soon after that, syok sangat layan the little fishies in the stream, he did not realize he actually went into the deeper parts.

Alisya on the other hand was too disturbed by the little fishies that like to nibble on our feet. So, she decided to stay on her little boat most of the time! If she's not on her boat, she'll be riding on my back.....and ohhh my baby is really berat already!This time, Alisya did not concentrate on shooting others around her with her water pistol. Instead, she decided to collect rubber tree seeds floating in the stream.

Ohh! Baby Achoncho did not want to miss the fun too.....

Alisya, Mama & Baby Achoncho (submerged!) proudly showing off their catch. Lucky us, we do not have to depend on their catch...else we'd end up having a small bucket full of biji getah for dinner!

Not many people came to our favourite camping spot on that day, not until it was 5pm. We stayed in the water for as long as we want to.....sampai naik biru ler jugak bibir!

My girl tengah tekun berusaha.........too syok in the water until.....

Alamak!!! Too cold already cannot tahan anymore!

Naufal retired earlier than his sister...well, he did the right thing....

Heheheh! Nasib baik gue retired early kalu tidak sure jadik the same case lah!

After we had enough splashing, we took a nap in our hexadome tent. What a relief from the hazy and hectic weekdays. We had a great time together - as always!
.....and I can't think of a better way to spend the weekend.

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