Monday, August 08, 2005

802.11* revisited

That's an un-edited version of my little Dino - even the wallpaper is built in one! It looked much different a few hours after this pix was taken lah (thanx to i-symbian bunchies!!)

...but I am posting this one using my old faithful T23 though, in *bux KLCC. (Dino failed to get connected, got some problem with it's Opera shell.)

Been very very very VERY long time since I last used any wi-fi connection, anywhere. Those who know me, would also know that I used to be a wi-fi junkie.....way back when wi-fi was actually phenomenal and war-walking/war-driving/war-chalking is the in thingy for the geeksters or geeksterswannabees.

Was a trial tester for M4X15 long before U70p14 was launched. I was the only one using my own devices.
I got to know later during the final wrap-up meeting (they served free pizzas eheheh!!) that other testers (selected corporate users - who logged into the network once or twice during the months duration of the testing period....oh so heavy users are they!) were given free devices to help them with the heavy task (yeah!! as if!!) of testing the trial network in various locations around town.
...and guess who gave the most comments & suggestions technically and marketing strategically on weekly basis and during the final wrap-up....the host was quite surprised that I can detect what hardwares they used (thanx to some war-driving softies!) when I asked them to change those with some other hardwares that works better. I later (by war-walking) found out they actually replaced the hardwares with the ones I suggested. Well maybe the decision was made not due to my input, a smart know-it-all boss may have made the intelligent decision lah kan!!! FYI, M4x15 was the first mobile service I used but I have stopped using it very long ago, suxx big time! (If u r reading this Monzt3r2 - sorry dude!)

Well time (as I wrote this) I can see everybody around me uses wi-fi lappies and some are sporting those small and expensive cute little sub-notebooks....all the lappies I now see around me comes with wi-fi all built-in......furthermore it's on 802.11g now!!! ....and here I am on this very old ugly black box called T23, on 802.11b with the help of a pointy device called Orinoco Silver (fried to Gold my Master Chef Aqil of good-ol-myPDAcafe bunch!) jutting at it's side, how very outdated I am huh?
Some of the lappie owners are now staring at my T23 and Dino too.....(ehehheheh! Hello! How are you? It runs on EPOC-5 Mr Dorkie sir...yeah its ugly and so pre-historik, definitely not for rich pretty boys!)

Darn...maybe I just don't belong to this cafe anymore (a very frequent daily customers after office customers, the crowds were friendlier and we helped each other in whatever way we can, even the manager from a few *bux branches knows us as buddies....those were the days!)

Nevertheless I enjoyed wi-fi, since the early days until now....(must admit though, now it's not as fun as the early days where wi-fi ready cafes are not many....and some places charged bombs for wi-fi access....that's where we'd luuurve to go war-walking and try 'inviting ourselves' into leaked network.....if your are one of us you'd know the intentionally broken English-ed slogan "All your 802.11* ARE belong to us" - hehehhe heheheheh!!)

Poor geeksters just get things done....don't really care about doing it with style and flashy state-of-the-art toys...those who just care about having flashy toys are better off as catwalkers....

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