Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rain drops

Rain drops on Level 74

Just finished some artworks for Kimster's project and realized the pix I captured above is quite unique (for me lah as an amateur photog). The rain drops actually contains the reflection of the whole city....but I kinda failed to "compose" it perfectly....well, there are some limitations on the d-slr type I am using....not that I am thinking of moving to a proper DSLR range lah!

.....I tried to write something on my Baby Dinosaur today but could not continue. Tried a couple of times but was too sebak to continue. It's nothing much - the contents - but as I wrote it, I felt like I really miss our family members who have left us. The feeling was so strong.

The rain drops reminded me that I have lots more to learn (not just about d-imaging but about life as a whole actually), and everything is just temporary.....tomorrow when I am back in my office, those rain drops would not be there....but those tiny drops left me with something to ponder.

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