Monday, July 25, 2005


I have been using my T23 for more than 2 years and have no issue with the machine - hardware part of it. When it scomes to the softwares, fooking microshit windows have always created problem for everybody lah kan? (Anybody who denies this is either a MAC user or have never really used microshit to the fullest.......or use laptops as a show off items probably)

The weekend marks the end of my T23, thank you to fooking microshit instability. Microsoft is a real bastard….the patches and updates is really getting out of hand.

We'll see how it goes with my trustworthy T23. It has been working too hard (hardware, not the fooking software at all) since the lightning took the life of my server....I still need to either rebuild it or cannibalize it, whichever is cheaper. It is time for me to decide - what to have as the workhorse+ main storage device at home and what to have as a mobile working device - this Netbook can do stuffs but for my digital photog I need a real machine - either running on MAC, LINUX (not really?) or (ohh my GOD not this one please!) Windows. As for now, I will be working on my Blogs using my Netbook as always but posting will have to be done using my office machine & connection (read: slow and unreliable). Possibly I'd get a MAC soon.....walking the can fookoff and die!

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