Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Twins vs the Bad Curtain

We came back from work today and found our living room curtains (and railings) have dissappeared.

Since this is the second time the twins made full effort to bring it down.....so we decided not to have curtains, until further notice!

I think they prefer to see the outside rather than the curtain. The curtain would be blocking the view of their play-tent (small castle Mama bought) and their trikes and stuffs....and the curtain definitely disturbs them from seeing us entering our small porch arriving from work.

They made a good decision I guess!

Curtain & railings can be replaced....but the fact that kids are not going to be the age and size next year....that's something every parents sholud treasure most and enjoy while it lasts....

Doraemon's friends

Watchout adik!

Come here adik....ikat rambut!

Opps! Here she comes!

Bigggg Huggg.....
see the curtain behind us? Well, that's the one! It's not there anymore!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Colors....it's about choice

It was a good day today....and since last weekend was quite disastrous, we decided to spend all the hours with the kids and no other family member is allowed to kacau us..cuz it's their birthday (Naufal's) this Saturday.

B-day boy & mama

Happy b-day adik!

We bought the presents yesterday. Mama got some voucher from Sogo and as always, we'd spend it for the babies mainly (if not totally)...spent half of the voucher amount for presents - theirs and Abang Waiz's (who shares the same b-day with Naufal!)...and kena bagi Abang Aizat jugak if not sure jealous one lehh!

The kids love the presents....and we love them more than ever!

Spent the day at The Souq and Alamanda....closing the outing with a late lunch at Tepian Cafe in the Archipelago Boutique (betul ke tu?).

Alisya @ Tepian cafe

They serve good food there, not much choice on the menu but the food is really really good. Price wise, it's not expensive at all but the drinks are a bit on the high side lah. The environment is very relaxing. We love it. If they deliver consistently, it's gonna be our fav place in Alamanda.

B-day boy already tired!

Talking about spending time with family, I picked this one from my old blog, no editing done. No kids at that time. Just married. Read on....maybe we can learn something.

Colors....what's your choice?


This happened a few years back before I went for Hajj.

I was on the way back to Segamat with my wife Siti Hajar. We stopped at the R&R of Seremban (Southbound) for supper.

While waiting for our foods, I noticed a family – a mother, a father and a daughter (8-9 years of age perhaps) – was having a decent helping of food.

The family is obviously poor, judging by their clothings. The meal they were having are being paid by somebody else, somehow I overheard.

The thing that captured my attention was how happy they were. Although the hardship of living a decent life was pretty clear on the face of the father, he kept smiling and talking softly & sweetly to the daughter.

The father even declined to have other food, because he was just enjoying a loaf of bread with his mug of hot milo.

I learnt something quickly from them…..

Being happy is the main thing that you should do with your family, no matter what is happening around you.

A poor father, sacrificing his needs of having delicious food and opted for a loaf of bread as long as the family members are having better food than him. Really back to the basic, which is something that we often neglected, or take for granted.

And what have we been up to?

Complaining about some not so delicious food at a 5-Star hotel function, paid by the company, whereby some people have to work really hard to have a simple breakfast for the whole family.

Well, some of us tend to have the mind set that it is enough for us to give away some amount of our income for the needy, we have done enough for them.

Perhaps it is not fair to stereo-type these kind of people as heartless….well at least they do contribute some of their income to the needy‚….at least‚….

Till when do we want to dwell in the ‚“at least” territory?!!!

Which Malaysian Blogger Am I?

Just for fun, tried this one and the result:

Congratulations the torque , you are...

You are outgoing (HUH?!!), direct, smart, pretty (WAH LAU WEIIH!!), and a definite go-getter. You are frank, a little too frank perhaps that sometimes you get on people's nerves and make them very upset. If people attack you, you hit back with triple the force without blinking because you are the kind of person who knows exactly what you are talking about or else you wouldn't talk about it. Your quick-thinking is what makes you special. You are an elitist.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

I don't leave home without this

Nebula 25

I am a bag person.....you know, those who will always carry a day-pack rucksack or some call it knapsack kinda bags.

If I can recall correctly, my first real day-pack was an Adidas (forgot the name), dark purple in color and with the capacity of 30L. I bought it using my first scholarship allowance during my early college years. It will always be with me, wherever I go. It lasted a few years and then the Adidas “retired”, replaced by other bags. I wonder where is that Adidas now.....somebody borrowed it despite it’s bad condition due to years of heavy duty….never seen it after that…

That was way back in the 1990's.

Fast forwarding the story, now my day-pack is a JanSport, Nebula 25 series, which I bought at a below market price during a sales period….way below and it’s the only Nebula 25 on display on that day! I think they tagged it wrongly!

Why do I always carry my day-pack everywhere I go? Well mainly because of my size - I am a fat dude! - thus I don't feel comfortable putting all the things I need to have in my pockets. I'd just dump my wallet & hand phone in my pockets. I have used cargo pants and I still feel a day-pack is a better option....and I think it's cool to carry a day-pack regardless whether it's not fashionable or whatever!

....and what are the things that I will always have in the day-pack?

Here's the list:

1. LED Torch: for emergency purpose. You'll never know, when a blackout happens it's really handy I tell you.

2. Bandanas: a Nike (same as my kids!) & a Renault F1 2004 (JT). If it gets too hot or it's a bad hair-do day for me...heheheh! As if! I am almost a skinhead! The bandanas are always there for my gym use actually.

3. Ball-point pen: well, you must have this laa kan!

4. Minyak cap kapak: Heheheh! Just incase!

5. My business cards and staff card: well, the business cards will be in all of my bags!

6. My "mini survival tool pack": which contains a very old & used-up Swiss Army knife and a set of screwdrivers, need to include a lighter and some first-aid elements in there, soon.

7. Bluetooth headset: SE HBH-35. Seldom used, only when driving long distances.

8. My "digital survival kit": a rugged Lowe traveler's wallet that contains: multi-card readers and it's cord, USB expansion cord, compact phone-cable cube, compact AV cord, Orinoco 802.11b Silver ('fried' to Gold!), PCMCIA-to-CF adapter, MS adapter (MS-duo to MS), Bluetooth CF card, IBM lappie "red-nipple" thing, Thumb drive.

9. My PDA: as for now its a Tungsten T2. Why I carry it? Well in this baby I have all my contacts, Quran, my schedule (not necessarily updated cuz this is not my main PDA), and other stuffs. The T|T2 is mainly used as my back-up device and for MP3. Main PDA is actually the P900. The T|T2 is placed in a small "medical bag" together with my S2 and P900 earphones, thus protected from damage and such....I hope!

Those are the items that will remain in the Nebula 25 most of the time. Depending on my plan for the day, the other items that will be in the day-pack would be:

10. My Netbook or Notebook or my digicam: depending on my plan for the day.

11. My kid's stuff: diapers, extra clothing for each of them, some toys…..their toys, not mine!

12. A book that I am currently reading (or plan to read!!)

Do you carry a rucksack like me juga?!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Counting Blessings

Naufal Irsyad, Khairina Durra, Alisya Irdina & Khairil Danial

Was going through my old faithful lappie and found this pix...taken on Eidul Adha 2004.
The headcount will be totaling to six as of today, which includes Ahmad Raiyan Iman & Khairil Danish.
Comes December, insya-Allah, another addition to the count...

2005 is full of blessings to our small family...al-Hamdulillah.

It's almost 3am...and I just barely managed to solve some stupid mistake I made on the Psion Netbook...almost created a mess but al-Hamdulillah thanx to inputs from Asri & Firdaus, managed to recover the CF and proggies....it should be running ok, I think lah, will stress test it in the morning....learning new things is always fun but not all the time easy lah!

Oh ya....got a pleasant surprise yesterday...a letter from PDB HR....my long due promotion....
al-Hamdulillah.....al-Hamdulillah.....rezeki Alisya, Naufal, Irfan (Baby Achoncho) & Mama.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tuesday Morning Blues....(erks....reds?)

It is red

It's my second official MC day today and I am starting to feel restless....especialy when I start to think about overdue things in office and the racing team stuffs....at this point of time, I feel so incompetent!

The eyes are not as itchy as yesterday but its still annoying, have problems to see clear once in a while.

Well...let's see how it goes, I hope to be back in action tomorrow morning.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Red-Eye Weekend

The Cake - had a brief celebration in the morning.....miss my family, about 20 steps below me!

It's Father's day and here I am having to quarantine myself from my family! Darn! I was really looking forward for a game of water pistols with my twins this weekend and this is what happened....


Woke up Saturday morning and saw Alisya's eyes were swollen. She slept next to me and over the night she woke up a couple of times. She was in good mood though. We went to see her doctor @ Kajang Plaza Medical and were informed that it’s not an ordinary "berjangkit" kind of eye disease, it’s due to allergy. By Monday if there is no improvement we were advised to take her to an eye specialist. Got the medication and the rest of the day was spent indoor at our small homey.....and watched "SEPET"...what a coincidence huh?!

Alisya does not quite like people touching her eyes so it was a challenge for us to put on the treatment on to her eyes. Al-Hamdulillah, it looks better on Sunday.

Woke up on Sunday morning and I found it difficult to open up my right eye. It was itchy. Went to the bathroom for ablution and saw my right eye....it was horrific! But being positive, I told myself it will get better in the afternoon, just a normal mata merah.

Well...it didn't! Just came back from the same medical centre yesterday and the doctor gave me 2 days MC starting Monday. If it doesn’t get any better by Wednesday I will have to see the specialist. It's really red and swollen now. Darn. I am supposed to catch the “ red-eye-special” flight to Kuching and then take the flight to Bintulu....now I caught the real red-eye instead! Also Sepet summore!! Dang....

Called MAS to cancel all my flights, kena penalty RM50 but that’s better then burning about RM800 of flight fare.

What a boring weekend....I am in my bedroom and I can hear Alisya & Naufal creating havoc with Mama downstairs...but I can't be with them!! AAAARGGHHHKKK!

I guess my little Baby Brontosaur (the Psion Netbook) will be my only companion till the eye is ok...hopefully Baby Brontosaur won't catch any eye disease from me lah!

WittleWhiteWabbit - Naufal decided to nap instead and miss the photo session in his Wabbit outfit!
But more wabbits pix to come, once my eyes are functioning normally!

I am gonna miss my WABBITS!

Karate Kid - a disgrace to the art of Karate

That's a WTF Tournament.
No score for the guy in red cuz he hit the back of the opponent.
That's either a turning kick or a chop kick he executed...maybe a series of kicks depending on his skills and fitness!
The blue guy could score a solid point if he got the balance, using either a rising-front to the body or stamping kick to the mid of the vest which will definitely bring the red guy down...if he is an adventurous daredevil, he would go for elbow block to the knee of the red guy and a turning kick to the head - executed in one movement...OR half step reverse stance from current position followed by left reverse back kick...that one will bring the red down and gasping for air!
...been there, done that.....got metal in my face for that matter!

Karate Kid Ver5.0 SP2
If you were teenagers in the 1980's, you'd definitely have seen the Karate Kid movies. The Sifu (Mr. Miyagi) is cool. Very. They have re-runs and re-re-re-runs of the Karate Kids series nowadays in Astro AXN so if you have never seen it, chances are you will be seeing it, soon.

I came from kampung (thus kampungpath!) and the only Karate Kid I have ever seen was those shown on TV. Never seen it in the cinema. If you know me, you may also know that I have a couple of martial arts up my sleeve....not much, just a couple, but not Karate....well yeah I do know some simple "kata" moves and "kumite" techniques (thanx to the friends of the martial arts council in IIU days!) but I have never been trained as a Karateka, but nevertheless, I love karate. I love other martial arts too.

.....and I have always hated the so called "hero" of these Karate Kid series!

Don't know if I got it right but I think its Ralf Machio (?)

I am not a perfect martial artist (especially in my current shape!) but even when I was still a junior martial artist in high school, I can say that this Ralf guy is really not the average martial artist you'd expect.

His stances, totally OUT! No no no...let's not go there first cuz stances aren't really that easy to do....just look at his hands when he's on the "on-guard" position....whether its single hand-knife guarding block, double hand-knives guarding block or just the basic guarding block....the Karate Kid?s hands positions are totally out, totally.

Check his posture, most of the time (if not all of the time) he'd be leaning forward but not on the stance that would support the centre of gravity to make it difficult for the opponent to bring him down. Some stances and patterns (be it kata/poomse/taegeuk/koryo etc.) there are positions that requires the person to lean forward, but in real tournaments or street fight, its really not advisable....this Karate Kid guy, he got no arts at all...if its supposed to a forward stance, it just does not show....he's just leaning because he got no balance!

A martial artist is trained to exhale when executing punches / kicks and for some martial arts, they are supposed to shout - firm shout. This guy is shouting like a faggot looking for his (her?!) pink hair-brush that got lost in his (her?!) pink colored bedroom.

Oh ya! That famous "crane" stance....he's too wobbly and again he was leaning forward.....and the stupid opponent was so stupid to just come storming in - a true martial artist would not do that!

And to top it all....his rudeness to the master....what kind of martial artist would be so rude to the master? Only one kind - a NON-Martial artist!

Conclusion - the wimpster Ralf is a disgrace to Karatekas...even my Karatekas friends during my schooldays admits that.

....but it's just a movie anyways...but still, if you ask me, my all time favorite movie would be Best of The Best....now that's how a real martial artists fights....

(Note: Karatekas, my due respect but I am just writing based on my very limited knowledge in martial arts. Ralf's fan....well I am sorry but, wake up & go to the nearest dojo to see real martial artist do their stances & moves!)

Displayed in our living room, announcing our years of resignation!
1) My WTF Black Belt
2) My favorite weapon - Nunchaku (with F1 full access card attached)
3) My wife's last ever tournament medal - a bronze.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Got Ideas?

Up is down

Some people are creative and its shows even without them realizing it.
Some others, try to be creative and while some managed to deliver, some may not.
Some people just don't give a damn about doing things differently - they like it as it is and they just prefer things to be the way it is.
....and we have another set of people, who'd poke, probe, steal or whatchamacallit, the creativity or uncreativity or creativity-wannabee-ness of those people above....and use it for their own benefit.....damn bastardos!

Why I wrote the above?
No particular reason.....just my 2-kupang on people & creativity

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I got myself a Dinosour

Daddy's new toy

I just cannot resist it. Couple of years back I helped Loribalak to get this toy and he was really hooked with the Netbook. At that time its kinda easy to get - especially the MNetbook at around Rm1000, refurbished or used. Then it became lesser and lesser and harder to get. If you are lucky you can get a really used one at Rm700, at least.

Its the original PSION Netbook, which runs on EPOC R5 platform. Definitely not a new genaration mobile computing device but considered as a rather Dinosour age machine.

What can it do? To keep it simple - almost anything any average Joe Jambul could do with a laptop...and perhaps maybe more. Words, Sheets, Database, Proggies, PIM, Browsing, Wi-Fi.....oh yeah baby it can Wi-Fi.

Though I am not alien to the Symbian OS but EPOC R5 is new to me, I have used the MC218 (testing purposes) for almost a year and I am still using the P900. I kinda love the Symbian Os - stable, simple, not resource hungry and it get things done as long as you are willing to learn how it works and know you want to do with it.

The MC218 was fun and kinda nostalgic....I created a simple database to help decide the name of our twins.......

So after years of hearing fellow tech-lover frens talking about their Netbook, this year I dream to get one - either the 3/5 series or the Revo Plus or if lucky, the original Netbook.

After months of failures to find any Netbook nor any worth-buying refurbished/used Symbian based device in this region, I was dumbfounded when I saw this one while browsing through i-symbian! Can't believe that a dude posted this Netbook for sale - so apa lagi, terus CARGAS!!!! PM-ed the dude asking about the specs, freebies, conditions, warranties, mileage etc etc etc...and COD the thing after checking its condition, this morning. I'd say I got a very good deal - everything in the box (not litereally but its the real original Box!) and loads of freebies....plus Prancing Horse sticker on the Netbook...which I took of and gave to Che Lie!

Done reading the User Manual, next up is to explore 3rd parties must-have "swiss-knife" proggies to make it fully utilized.....am not gonna rush this learning cuz if I rush it then I'd be looking for other alternative mobile platform to learn and try.....will have to fully utilize this in every possible angle.....none of the machines I bought were under utililized....not cuz I just wanna brag, nor cuz I am a real hyper techie geek...but simply cuz I don't fart RM!

Nak PowerBook tak mampu, so got a NetBook is better lah!

- like i-symbian Senors would say......If it ain't Symbian FIX IT!!
Keep It Symbian, Stewpeeed!

My first entry in the Netbook:
Finally I am an owner of a Psion Netbook: my first entry
I have been hunting for this baby high and low since last year. Its a real
shock when suddenly there is one available on i-symbian .com yesterday, I was
not really prepared to purchase and the budget is actually not in presence -
balik kampung recently and used it up, but it was a really great holiday for
Anyways, I have to grit my teeth and dump RM880 for this baby, I am
confident it is going to be a very good and reliable work horse. (Darn!
There's a prancing horsy on it already!)
So, begins my days with a so called "Dinosaur Age" Psion based OS that still
rules the world - well at least for those techies or wannabee-techies who
really knows what they want their devices to do. It is nothing fancy, not
"can do everything" kinda thing but it just gets things done - the kinda
things that you actually need to do with your state-of-the-art expensive

Goodbye for now Catsville!

Some of the final shots before we took off to Sateville.....

State Library - banyak ikan siut!

Evening in Waterfront - everytime we go back to Catsville, its a must to walk the Waterfront, at least once. There will aways be something interesting to see, eat or buy. Shutterbugs (photogs) will end up spending hours composing their arts here.....and I just love my Leica lense!

Pasar Satok - Last stop for this trip! After buying the terubuks and other local stuff from our relatives who sells there, we are set to pack and off we go....back to Sateville.

Looking forward to our next balik kampung to Catsville!

One week already?!

Holiday Inn - Santubong

The last couple of days in Kuching, Naufal cought flu. While he cannot really be as active as usual, it did not prevent him from having fun lah. The family went to Damai, Santubong for a big splash.....and since the twins did not bring proper swim-suit, they bought a new pair each just for the occasion......

Adik and his new swimming trunk

Alisya in her new swimming suit!

Family members only!!

Really big splash it was.....we let them enjoy the water as long as they want cuz the next day is our flight back to Sateville!

Santubong presents lots of very nice view (it all depends on the creativity of the photog how to capture it) and it made me think, if I ever own a piece of land in this area, I'd definitely will build my retirement hut on it!

The condo they are building at the marina is kinda interesting actualy...but for now, our litte hut in Sateville is comfy & cozy enuff la....

A Cantin in Jedi Township

A real StarWars fan should know the word "Padawan".

Well dudes, the Jedis actually have a township in Sarawak!!! Check out the signboard below kalau tak caya....

Jedi Township...hekhekhek!

And it happens that NekCat has a cantina in this Padawan Township

The Cantina

...but the best mee kolok, mee belacan is not served there lah....its served in another "branch", right in the middle of Satok market area...best woooo mee belacan, belum cuba belum tau beb!

Mee Belacan!! Woohooo!

Well anway, the cantina is quite far from our residence, but the area is cool.
Not too hot, windy and when it rains, rasa macam nak tidur aje.

Naufal & NekCat

The twins visit the cantina and create mini-tornadoes while they were there

Buy laa one more drink! I give you my adik if you buy!

Today, I will be the tokey!

After that we went to the park on the way back to Kuching.
They found their favorite playground toy - the buai!

Buai time!

This "Red Bridge" park is kinda cool. The water is very clear and cooling.
The twins went for a dip....I didn't, forgot to pack the adventure gear cuz initially the park was not in our agenda!

Alisya blowing bubbles

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Zaini's Wedding

....Hmmm where did these two Gundam ketot dissappear...
have never seen them since we landed in Kuching...

The Gundams (Aegis & Blitz) belongs to the twins and they are happy cuz their owners decided to bring them to Kuching to attend Uncle Zaini's wedding!

So off we go, took the afternoon flight on Friday....

Aisehmen....Aegis punyer master sudah lentuk laa pulak.....
We arrived early and had enough time to tire them out at the airport playground....so that we could minimize the "potential damage" on board nanti...hekhekhekhek!
Strategy kena betul beb!

Nasib baik check-in awal, cuz we almost miss the flight sebab on screen it was shown as 30 min delayed departure but the only announcement that came on air was - to get on board! It was somehow suddenly on time and they never changed the frigging information on screen!

Anyways...we made it on board, and guess who became tired instead of the twins! Everything was smooth, well they did made some havoc but it was manageable....heheheh! Alisya enjoyed the kids meal....but according to the stewardess 2 kids did not get it and they asked us whether we actually ordered for the meal. Definitely we totally did order, somebody did some blunder and the result - 2 kids did not get their kids meal but ended with normal meal instead. Nobody made noise on board with regards to the meal so I guess case closed!

As for Alisya & Naufal....foods are always better than any Gundams!

Wanna piece of asam boi unlce? I insist....cuz don't want anybody to puke on me!

While Alisya totally enjoyed the meal, Naufal "explored" his surroundings...abis the other passengers nearby kena layan dia!

We arrived quite on time and Uncle Zaini was there to pick us up....and off we go to meet the family!

Zulaika & Alisya

Heheheh! Veni-Vidi-Vici!

Now.....this little girl has always been afraid of me but this time she decided to geng with me! Relatives were surprised and delighted to see Alisya, cuz from cute and quiet, she is now suddenly bigger and "vocal" than Zulaika.......it used to be the other way around!
...but Zulaika is still the "overall Taiko", since its Catsville - her homey....eheheheh!

On the other hand, Naufal kinda still holds the title of the handsomest grandson!

He looks interested...maybe its rugby/v-ball instead of rugby/basketball....

The Saturday and Sunday morning strolls are still there for the twins, even though we are not in Sateville! Only thing is, in Catsville most - if not all - of the taman perumahan do not have playground...so its kinda boring for the twins....nevertheless we managed to find other recreation for them like watching "older kids" playing v-ball.....

Naufal watching v-ball tourny

I almost broke my pinggang on Saturday...being assigned to Department of potong umbut kelapa!
Tapi umbut punya hal, tarak kisah punyer! Boy o boy....apart form other main dishes, umbut kelapa is served beb! How original is that! (Had the umbut on the menu for our wedding 6 years back too!)

After completing the "preliminary" preparation, the night was filled with noise - they tested the sound system.....and guess who created havoc....

OMIGOD! This is TOTALLY NOT TORQXIC's influence!

On Sunday, The reception went well...guess who got to be the camera man!

That's the whole family, well almost!

The kids and the pengantin....and there will be more to come!

The highlight of the wedding was when the pengantin took off on the classic car for photog session (me not involved for this session....weather too hot siut!)

Apple Green RULES!

....Later that evening I got to test run the rig...cool giler....the thing under that small hood is powerful!

We have a week to spend here...really looking forward for lotsa good time with the kids! On Monday me & mama went to help a bit at Nek Cat's (Nenek from Kuching a.k.a. the Big Boss) cantin on a campus in Padawan (sounds so Jedi huh!) . In the evening we went to Jambatan Gantung for some cheap but totally very delicious sotong ketuk, sotong kangkung, ayam panggang, steak etc....

Tomorrow.....we have nothing solid planned yet but its gonna be interesting anyway!

Unfortunately due to the weather, Naufal is having a fever as I wrote this..... he's a tough guy, he'll get over it soon!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Changing Position

I just love my Leica Lense!

yet another torq's painting

Cool Pool

Wanted to put this one up before going on leave but gagal lah....

Prior to getting the approval of my rather long leave, I had to go to K.Terengganu with Che Lie (who just came back from Jakarta at that point of time) to "settle" a workshop there....
It went well but it could have been better. Did not really expect some things to happen especially after my briefing to the team and the Director....but it went ok lah.....but can be improved....(what the hell am I saying!) Well it's not our show anyway, we are just the so called "content expert"! (ECEH!! Hampeh...macam bagus jer bunyik!)

Well at least I got to visit Terengganu again! Been years since I last visited KT....had the opportunity to go for the original "gelah besor" before departure - thanx to Mike! It was my first time in a Lexus too...pehhh.....the seats, I am willing to trade my old dusty Recaro for those seats!

Back in office....we decided that it has been a while since we have "the room" to work in....and ever since the day we moved in, we have wanted to re-arrange the furnitures...but did not quite have time and energy to do so.

But we finally did it, last week. Though we are not sure for how long we are going to keep the room, we just decided to proceed re-arranging the furniture and decorations - comfortability is an essence to better performance la kot! C.M.O.V. .......O is for Ownership bebeh!! Ownership!

The people was quite surprised.....it took us about one hour after lunch to do it and only the two of us did it!

Here are some shots on how it looks like now.....

The MegaHertz Team members (and Che Lie) trying to work - after office hours meh!

Tadi dgn 6365....ni pakai phone aku plak dah!!

Team Principal tgh pening lalat

5 lappies on the table? Must be serious business nih!
2 IBMs...but Wait seminit...is that a Black iBook?
(Hint: A company machine running on MAC...fat chance!)