Sunday, May 29, 2005


The Souq Playground - One of the Twin's usuals

Was away on business trip - Kuala Terengganu. Been years since I last been there actually.
The session went well - our session - but the one after that really went out of scope....ohh my, if I knew this would happen, I'd rather do the whole session.

Well anyway, I miss Alisya & Naufal so much although its just one full day and couple hours more without them. Alisya went searching for me after realizing I was no where around the airport playground. Naufal went looking for me when Mama got back from work the other day!

Oh ya...30th. May....our 6th Anniversary! Mama bought me something....I dunno what to buy her but today I bought something she wish she'd have for the baby......

Tomorrow is our gynea appoinment, to see what Baby Achoncho has been up to!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Skywriting Motorsports

Mitsubishi Mirage - Race Track Use ONLY!

I believe I have not posted anything about our racing team kan? Well then this would be the first one lah!

We have been involved as the Fast Intervention Vehicle drivers for Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix since the past two years and our leader - Mikey - who's a hardcore track racer since his school days in Canada, had this ambition to create a team of his own for local races. Got some sponsorship (and still working on sponsors space for sale on the rig & nomex..ohh and the helmet!), and Mikey held a meeting whereby we decided to buy a dedicated rig for races, rather than using a street legal car and turn it into a speed demon for races.....which leads us to buying the track-legal-only full-bodied Mirage. Tuned by our team engineers and tested by the lead driver (who else but Mikey!) the rig is now set for this weekend's Super-Series.

Yeah its a long way to go, this is just a starting point but starting from talks during breaks on the Sepang Circuit in 2004, I really could not believe we have made it this far - HAIL MIKEY!

Our team's development, race and activities blog is located here:---> WHITEMIRAGE

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

3 days of fun

Aisehmen, letih aaa kakak!

Lately, I failed to do regular updates on this blog. Not good, really not good....but its not my choice.

So many things to do, I can't seem to find the extra energy to stay awake and do my hobby of "creative" digital image editing and updating this blog. Whatever energy I managed to find, it is currently being channeled to "entertaining" the twins!

I don't know....ever since we have "Baby Achoncho", the twins seems to require more attention from us. Mama could not carry them so often, and she try not to be too "involved" with the clowning sessions too...cuz the kids can get very physical - they now know a bit of Karate thanx to Astro!

On the other hand, I have been thinking that its only once they we will have the opportunity to play with them as 2 years old we better make the best out of it! Though I have always dedicated the weekends only for them, I still think I have not spent enough time with them!

Let me help you Adik!

Aahh well...

We had a great weekend, though me & Mama spent half of the Saturday on our own - Revenge of the Sith! We felt guilty indeed, right after the movie, we decided to get Alisya & Naufal some toys. Hmmm...let me recall....apa dia aaaa....ohh yes, we bought some Pooh & Tigger stuff...and their first Gundam - Aegis & Blitz. Not the collectors item one lah of course, only the "ketot" version of Aegis & Blitz than can be winded and it will walk. Cool.....its the first time in my life to toy with Gundams!

We went shopping in the afternoon - the normal monthly shopping for their diapers, formula milk etc....Some friends asked me how much I will spend for the kids on monthly basis....well, to be frank I never calculated how much I spent for them...but only quite recently, looking at the previous months receipts I kept in my wallet (yeah it needs spring cleaning real soon!), every time we went for the monthly stock-up at the baby store, we'll be spending around Rm500. We never actually have a specific budget on their clothing either. Kids grows really fast and its always important that they have proper clothings to support and protect them during their growing years. Last weekend we spent quite a big chunk on their clothings and Mama's maternity clothings....cannot really recall the exact figures but Mama used all the coupons she had, which amounted to a bit more than Rm1k. Shopping with them is a joyful event too....and with Mama carrying Baby Achoncho, it kinda "tripled" the joy. Whatever the amount we have spent for them, we never consider it a big amount at all, considering the incomparable joy and happiness they bring us.

...and we still wonder what would it be like if they are not with us.....

anyway enough about shopping.......later in the evening we went to Dataran Putra and let them knock themselves out...well in the end actually we decided to throw the towel, they never seem to run out of energy!

Eiiyaaarrghh!! Tangkap Ayah!


Hello! I am Alisya!

On Sunday we went to the playground near the hospital - their favorite so far. This time we brought their favorite soccer ball & basketball.

Chase that Fever Nova!

Best foot forward

Natural soccer player!

Stop posing and try get the ball from me laaa Ayah!

Two more months ayah and I'll be slam-dunking!

Although they did some Ronaldino and Michael Jordan stuff, the main event was of course...still the buaian lah!

Daddy's gurl!

Isn't he handsome?

From there....Mama wanted some Steamboat action so, off to The Mines......yummy!

Mmmmm...macam sikitttt jer ni Mama


I'll have that clown's nose, medium rare please!

It's a banana-split, so you must split it with me Mama!

Manja Mama!
We came back home, expecting the kids to be tired and sleepy...but they didn't, it's the other way around! They still have the energy for a couple of rounds of wrestle mania.....the last thing I remembered both of them did the superfly jimmy snuka action and I was flat out from there....sedar from pengsan after 6pm, took them to the playground near our homey, let them do the buaian action, had tea.....and back home to get ready for the race!

Ok Mama, Adik, let's jom! We must be back before the race!

McLaren did well , BRAVO KIMI! Renault 's strategy did not work well this weekend....ahh well, if there's no loser, there'll be no winner!

On Monday, I had a business meet with some contacts at Star Bucks of Mont Kiara.'s been too long since we last went there! The first person that greeted us was Kyalanis! The taiko of MyPdacafe who still lepaks there! I almost put on the HP sponsored tee for the real "originals" of MyPdacafe members....Ky was wearing that tee-shirt!

Alaaaa! Tak vogue aaa pakai tali ni Adik!

The discussion went well....of course with interruptions from Alisya & Naufal! They are becoming "talkative", although most of the time we don't quite understand 70% what they are talking about (especially Naufal!) but we'd just listen and talk back to them!

From Mont Kiara, the action continued at 1-Utama. Oh boy! I do not know how many hours we spent there but the moment we decided to move out from there, I could barely feel my feet! Toys R Us was the main agenda - Mama decided to get Alisya a hoola-hoop -she has been "borrowing" it from the neighbor's kids....and a safety helmet for them to wear when they're on the scooter. Oh ya....Mama also bought a clown mask......cuz its the only thing that can make them dump everything and go to sleep!


Last stop before we head home was KFC around Section 16 roundabout......lapar siut!!

I'll have everything on the menu please...pronto!

Obviously they enjoyed the long weekend.....and I did not switch on the company laptop.....not until it's 530am on Tuesday, where I decided to alter the presentation storyline for the CMU staff upskilling....the allocated time for me to present was 30-45 minutes but somehow, everybody seem to get excited about the & my team ended up talking and answering questions for more than 1 hour!

It's going to be packed, this week....and I have to miss the testing of our team's Mirage on the Sepang circuit tomorrow morning.....which is about 6 hours from now....

Oh my!! I just's not Friday! I have to be in office 6 hours from now! Aiyark! Tido time!

Back to the concrete jungle....

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Baby House

NOTE: Have to put up Baby Achoncho's pix here

Hello Baby!

We are happy....last Friday, went to the gynae and we got the first pix of our baby's "house"!!

Mama's tummy is getting bigger and she's starting to feel the weight taking effect. Alisya, hmm Alisya is always asking for attention....she is becoming very demanding and sometimes selfish, good thing Naufal is the kind of mengalah type punya personality.

To make her sleep I'd have to do rounds of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and some"orang kenit" action story - which includes her fav doll she named "Acheecha" and her quite recent "Yabbit" doll - until she fell asleep, cuddled.


Naufal on the other hand, is still himself lah, yes from time to time he'd want some attention but not that demanding.....but making way/letting it go for his sister, well that's just him alright!


Naufal seems to be happy with Baby Achoncho's presence in Mama's tummy. He'd kiss & pat Mama's tummy when asked where is Baby Achoncho! Alisya on the other hand, does not seem to really bother much!

We went specifiations finding for Baby Achoncho's wheelers and other stuffs last weekend. Nothing new for us, have done that during the twins time previously....when they arrived, almost everything is already there for them. We found out that for some of the things - brands/specs - that we have to order online last two years, some are now readily available in some specialized baby outlets....interesting...very interesting!

Expensive? Well at RM1299....yes, frankly, we never thought we'd go this far too but actually we have decided much earlier that whatever we have, it is meant for bringing up our babies and what matters most is their comfort and safety.....its not about kiasu, nor showing off.....those with babies and really loves their babies, should know better lah!

Alisya had the honour of trying out a new generation wheeler - Quinny ZAPP....she loves it.....Mama loves it...and Mama thinks Baby Achoncho would........alamak camana ni Naufal!!

Actually, we already have about...4 different wheelers....

A MonBebe travel system, then there's one of them original Urban Detour, which we decided to "bagi prezen" the Urban Detour to Raiyan!....only after that we got news Achoncho is coming! Then we have this twin buggy (side-by-side) - for the maid to use when taking the twins around the park and lastly, one twin carrier (front-to-back) which we left in Kuching for usage when we balik kampung.

Since the Urban Detour is happy with Raiyan and with our love of doing outings with the babies - shopping, park-hopping etc.....we need another single seat wheeler and it must be very mobile cuz we're going to have to bring it wherever we go - incase she decided that she wants to be carried......weighing 15KG.....adusss!!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Mama's Day!

Happy Birthday & Mother's Day Mama!

8th. May 2005 is a special day....well every year, not just 2005 actually!
But this year, its a bit more special, its Mama's birthday & Mother's day...
So, Alisya decided to treat Mama for high tea....a day earlier cuz the place was fully booked for Sunday

Mama & twins
We had a great time at the Marriot Putrajaya, Alisya enjoyed the food very much!
Naufal - being him - did not each that much but he was very happy, running around with his sister, making noises and "almost" jumped into the fountain.

With Aunties @ CMU Bowling Outing
Then, they joined the uncles & aunties of CMU for a bowling was a blast. First time for the twins in a bowling alley and they seem to enjoy it, the rolling and crashing noises did not bother them at all. Unfortunately, it was not enought to tire them out!!

They went for "a spin"...well 3 or four rounds actually....mistaking the dog on the miniature ford as a cat!

Hot Rod
We went to KLCC on Sunday and visited Abang Waiz, cousin Zuleikha came down from Kuching.
Overall, it was a great weekend....if Alonso (Achoncho!) won, it would be a greater weekend lah! But Kimi did very well....bravo Kimi!

Alisya & Naufal got a new toy...will post some pix up when we have it - soon

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Kimster's Project

The Kimster

My good buddy has this idea of a project - for bloggers to participate.
I think its cool...perhaps you wanna have a look see:

No harm to try this one out...infact, you may get something in return!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The First Visit was on the 6th week

The image above was taken a bit more year ago. KLCC was one of the places we'd regularly be bringing Alisya & Naufal for a stroll.

Insya-Allah by this date next year, they'd be pushing the wheelers of their kid bro/sis (or insya-A llah..both?!)

We have decided to use the facilities at Glen Eagles Intan Medical Centre. Our first visit to the gynea was last Friday morning and it was......erkk cool (?!). We were informed that the baby (which we are currently nick-naming Baby Achoncho) is already 6 weeks old. The next visit would be next week by that time Baby Achoncho would be 2 months old.

We are praying hard day & night, for everything to be smooth and easy for the baby.

....and guess what....Alisya & Naufal have been acting quite differently lately.

Naufal is becoming more "manja" to Mama , easily merajuk.
Alisya would always want me to dukung her. At times, she'd woke up at 4 or 5am, and I had to dukung her until she's asleep again, just like when she was a baby...only difference is...she's about 10KG more now! ...ahh those days....My "shift" starts 3am onwards - kinda unwritten rule between me & wifey...if the baby (any of them!) wants attention, susu etc, before 3am its Mama's territory..beyond that, I will be the custodian lah!

Well, we're not really strict on the time actually, cuz sometimes I tuang, sometimes she'd tuang!

One thing for sure the kids seldom "tuang" from waking us up lah!

Well its good that Alisya wants to be carried by me in the early hours actually, I take it as being "re-trained" for the same cycle with the coming baby (babies?!!)!

Ohh my!! Life is becoming more interesting!