Thursday, April 28, 2005

A new dawn....and I shed tears of joy......

A dawn in Kijal

Today is "the twin's" birthday......they are two already!
Mama has planned something, and as always, they are going to enjoy it but apart from that, we have a really big gift for on.....

....we have been married for almost 6 years (30.5.1999) and wanting to have babies since that day....can't really recall the amount we have spent to pay the specialists, with the same result all the time - "everything is normal, nothing is wrong with both of you".....

when we decided to have Alisya Irdina.....and then Naufal Irsyad, they opened new doors to our life, we love them more and more each day.......

.....and yesterday, it was confirmed that...they are going to have a kid bro/sis (or maybe both?!)

....I can't think of a better birthday present for them

In one of my earlier posts....some of the comments were like "speculating" that we're having a baby....maybe its because of the sentences I wrote, which may tend to lead towards a conclusion that CT (my lovely wife) is pregnant......
Thank you my dear friends.....thank you very much.....our prayers have finally been gonna to pray even harder than ever from now on....please pray for us too?

...and I want to share something with you guys here:
I have been telling myself all these years.....never under estimate the power of doa......

Mama...I love you so much....
Alisya....kakak, you will always be my first child/daughter sayang!!
Naufal....adik, (we should start calling you abang actually!) you will always be my first hero!!
Mak & Abah, Bapak & Mak...thank you so much for your endless prayers...
Angah, Tini, Lala, Wan, our siblings/family in Sarawak, and Johor....thank you so much for your support all these years...

ALHAMDULILLAH.....Ya-Allah....YOU are truly GREAT....segala rahmat you kau turunkan ke atas keluarga kami selama ini......aku syukuri dengan hati yg luhur....and this new chapter in my life, made me want to be a more humble servant of yours....AllahuAkbar....

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Can we have other news on the menu please?

Taken in Bangi but I hv a feeling these burrds came from Wetland...and they don't read the newspapers,
good for them!

I was having Sunday breakfast with my kids in Bangi when I reached for the Utusan which Mama bought. My god! What boring frontpage news! The marriage of somebody'’s brother with one of them TV3 (ex or still with TV3 I don'’t give a hoot!) announcer (or whatever is her profession lah!)

Miskin cerita ke hapa our newspapers nowadays? And to top it off, the images they have in there…...ohh my, typical "acting”" for the media” poses. So what if the guy is the brother to the somebody and the girl is (was - whatever!) a TV3 newscaster (host? WHATEVVUH LAHHHH!!) So what?

Well I think it just our culture la kot, kalau ada celebrity (read: someone who has appeared on the TV screen or someone who’s related to some big boy in the cabinet) getting married, it will be THE news of the day, …hey infact there’'s one celebrity’ marriage they called marriage of the millennium few years back…...for whatever reason...maybe the two are big time losers kot, that people were shocked they finally got married, to each others pulaks tuhs?!

I dunno laa…....well infact, come to think of it, go ahead laa. put it all in the newspapers and your TV news - kucing celebrity beranak, beruk celebrity termengandung or what ever you like! cuz I never actually look forward to read or watch any of them! Just stay off the RaceDay and Chequered Flag sections ok?!

And then there was this huu-haa on some party having nominated a woman as their public relation spokesperson or whatever. Wahhh!!!! BEHOLD! The response from some brainy (read: braindead) women (so called) leaders!

Oh ya before that, let me put it straight that I belong to no political organization – - never a member of any, be it right wing or left wing or Red wing safety boots – I have nothing to do with any of them (and I have never own a red wing safety boots despite the fact that I used to visit some plants regularly in my early working years)

Ok to make it easier, here's the equation:

torque = non-political party inclined

....…fahimta? Fahimta? Na’'am? Laak? Na'’am…....jayyid! Jayyid!

So back to the story….

The women leaders were banging the other party like nobody’'s business, like they are far superior and better beings, that they are far more Islamic.

Well, to me, frankly, they are Islamic, in their own definition. By the way is that a wig that you have on top of your (brainless) head? We can call you like nenek or moyang actually tudung oi? Takat selendang kat bahu rebeh ko tu jer, miss universe pun ader selendang! And we have this younger women leader....Erkks...whats that again? Nak jadi Islam tak semestinya kena bertudung? Oh yaa kaaa...go tell that to Allah laa nanti yerk? I don't want to argue...I am not capable to argue, never like to, so you can just argue with Allah nanti lah on whatever you want to say, ok?

....the poor old other party who has no proper platform to defend themselves against the attacks.....tsk! tsk! tsk!

Well, to me, it just shows how effectively efficient some people can get to excellently openly prove to the public that in between their ears, there’'s a big empty space yet to be discovered by mankind! BRAVO! Keep it up!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Two days weekend...!

After the one day holiday, we have a working day, then only comes the weekend - which was great, what else can I say?
I had to spend time with the kids, we went to the Souq for breakfast .....


...and then its playground time for the kids, spent hours there!

Souq Playground

My little Pooh

As always..the kids will have "peminats" around them!

On Sunday we went to the Bangi area Park........

Bangi Playground

Red & Yellow

Time out!
....then in the evening, thanx to the blackout that lasted almost 5 hours or so, we went to their Abang Waiz & Aizat to watch the race at Waiz's place! least Renault won the race (yet again!)

One day holiday

The one day holiday was splendid. We went to Putraja Wetland…and the kids have their first taste of “lawatan sambil belajar” kinda activity. They enjoyed the trip although it does not involved a playground!

Wahhlauwei! How come Wetland also so hot one!

Say Burrrdeee!

Wei Tortoise!Come out laaa wei!

Then we head back home….take a (long) nap and by afternoon we are fresh for the action again. This time, we attacked IKEA!! What a bomb!! Naufal & Alisya really enjoyed being there….I think they feel like they are in a big home – not theirs but its definitely big and full of fun things to explore!

Of course…when we do IKEA, there will be damages to our wallets…but not this time (well the damage was not totally ours to say the least!) Mama have been collection points from some deals and she reimbursed it with RM500 voucher to spend in IKEA. The items we bought are mainly for the babies and our home….totalled up to almost RM600.

The kids were totally flat when we arrived home…..those cute bundle of joys!

The next day, we had to work but they kids seems not to mind us this time! They are more concerned with the things that we have arranged for them at the living room! Am so glad they enjoy their new toys!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Do we get to keep this room or not?


Past midnight.....and I am still in this "Senior Manager room" that's not supposed to be mine & CL's...

We (me & CL) hv managed to complete the job of 52 specially trained executives, within 48 hours.....jumped into the raw database, cut, slice dice the data, prepare VP presentation packs while trying to complete MD/CEO specific packs across the organization...all within the past 48 hours....we just could not believe we did that!

The MD/CEO pack has been sent to the respective big guys' e-mails...the hardcopies wil be ready by Friday....and I am yet to replace my working weekend in Kertih....

jump anyone?

Thanx to Hisham, Piee, Sha'rin & Fawie who helped with the data cuts....I still think my team is the best team ever...anybody have a problem with that are welcome to take our place and deliver at par with what we have done....any takers? (Duh!)

Reading Kimster blog was what I did once we completed the big job mentioned!! That Monkeyboy needs a duck laa Kimster!

I need a!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

On a higher floor

Kemasik - Still the same....quite.

Its been almost a week since my trip to Kertih. I am not quite sure when was the last time I been there but if my memory serves me right, the last trip was during the iPSB times...almost 5 years back.

Kertih has progressed a lot.....but I can still find those places I used to lepaks with the boys.....the good (and cheap!) local delicacies are still nice!

The trip was a success, tiring but rewarding in the sense that we (Che Lie and me) managed to achieve what we came there for. Thanks to the host PPTSB - Azami, Lan, Ramli, Ku Shah, KZ, Tuan Syed and all others....and all of the participants of the syndication sessions. I met my old colleagues from PEMSB - Foo, Muna, Zakila, Awie, Ain, Najib...oh my....they still remember me! I would have dropped by the PEMSB plant if I have the time but unfortunately time is rather short, maybe next trip.

Then, back to KLCC....and walla! A pleasant surprise awaits!

The room

We have a room on the 74th Floor! We have been assigned to a Sr Mgr's office space - me sharing with Che Lie!! We are yet (in my case - if ever!) to get the grades (and again in my case - if ever) the salary of a Sr Mgr but we already have a room!!! A room with a view of the northern part of the city - WoW!!

Elevated Highway

Oh well...its just temporary! But me being me - I'll just enjoy it while it lasts!
Kinda cool actually.....with the high expectations expected from the team, the room actually helps, for us to concentrate and deliver what is expected (and beyond perhaps) of us.

Talking about 74th Floor, it is the highest floor I have ever been assigned to. Though I am already in my fourth and shifting to fifth gear, I am still waiting my transfer letter......which I hope to be on my (temporary!) desk soon. Frankly, I have never felt so energetic and eager to come to work and get things done! This is really exciting, have never felt like this, not since the last time I was in a corporate project assignment....and today, coming back from the gym late in the afternoon to see what needs to be done for the next day, I just realized that....I am the only new face on that floor.....I may be wrong but the rest have been there (or the 72nd floor) before.....but how long am I going to be there and what's next? Ah well..we'll see how it goes Torque!

Che Lie & Fawie

Tower 2 view and the distance hills
Having said that, I almost have to burn another weekend for a facilitation session with the HR division but a last minute program re-arrangement made it possible for me to spend the time with my kids instead...and I could not think of any better way to spend a weekend!

Another weekend, another playground

Handsome boy!

Pretty girl!

Whatever it is that I have achieved, its all for Alisya and Naufal, who'll will be 2 years old soon....maybe things are starting to be better....well it has actually, ever since they came into our live....whatever it is that I do, I will always look forward to end the day with them, looking at their cute little faces, deep in slumber and I'd hug & kiss them and Mama.....and then maybe woke up in the middle of the night to hug them, to protect them from cold (they hate blankets!)

It wasn't like this 2 years ago....and I wonder what's it gonna be like 2 years from now....

my joy

Saturday, April 09, 2005

A packed Saturday morning...

Wrestling Session

Naufal woke up early and Alisya followed....and the day begins!!! We had a wrestling session up first...the always, the dynamic duo!

Hola! Hola!?
OK!! OK!! I get the message Alisya...I promise I'll call you up every day - at least once.....ok?

Next...they'd wanna car!?

After breakfast we went for the usual "le tour de neighbourhood".....Alisya decided that she's qualifed enought to ride on Abg Waiz's bike (the one we bought for Waiz during the years when when he will always spend his weekends with us) baby is growing up fast!


Just what they have in mind.....buai-an session....
I think I need to get those home-use swing for my kiddies...they seem to really love these swing at the park...


It just can't get any cozier than that eh Naufal?



Ahah! Finally they are tired...and sleepy! I can pack my things now....
Boy am I gonna miss them!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Baby never born....but became an angel

...perhaps one of my best composition (yet!)
Taken @ Hyatt KTN, early one morning on my last trip to east coast, conducting a training for our plants focal persons..

.....reflection of the reality. Some items are not meant to last. Some items are not meant to be ours. As humans we tend to crave for what others have - consciously or subconsciously in denial about it. We can observe and say others are not thankful for what they have but are we really thankful for what we have? I can't answer that myself but I do know that I can't never be thankful enough to be blessed with two great kids and a lovely wife...

....I have been thinking about the angel baby of TJ's sister, the angel baby as TJ put it, which is true in every sense. I will have this strange feeling of emptiness and sorrow, mixed with sense of pride and thankfulness, every time I thought about the angel baby.

...and tears will easily be there (not a macho man after all, me huh?)

I feel very very sorry for the angel baby that she had to leave the world without the chance to be in it, to see her mummy and daddy, to be kissed and hugged by those who'd love her dearly.
I would feel sad and empty if I am she.
...but Allah loves her more than anybody could ever possible love her, and that is why she is now in heaven. She will never be marred by sins of this world.....and definitely, we can't get any pure than that....Allah bless her for eternity. I never knew you in person dear angel baby but I must say that I love you dearly for what you have became.

(Can't control the tears now....will end here for now)

Oh is has been a hectic week with teammates running around after every morning "standing meeting".

Comes Saturday evening, I'll be on a flight to KTN, rent a car and drive up to KTH and I'll back only on he 13th. Which means that I will not be with the kids and Mama for 4 days! Aisehmennnnn!

Alisya has not been feeling well these few days, coughing and in bad mood if she woke up in the middle of the night. Mama pulak just had flu yesterday. Naufal seems to be ok lah so I am gonna have a pep talk with him later tonight cuz he be DA MAN in this house while I am gone for the business trip! Sunday morning stroll with the kids......I have only Saturday to clown around with them!

......darn...I am already feeling home sick...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Team Spirit

Renault Babes - Numero Uno

Renault Babes - Mine!! Only MINE!!

It was a hot weekend....and on Sunday we decided to go watch the boat races in Putrajaya.
Unfortunately, we went to the wrong was held at precint 8 but we went to Dataran PJ instead. We saw kayaks and boats from there but it was not the main area of the course.

Ahh well...the kids had a good time anyway...and Alisya got an Adidas tee from the Souq...daddy got a new t-bottom for his gym use!
Renault F1 Babies
The afternoon was spent at home..watching the final qualifying of the race and watching the race itself....almost missed it due to the heavy rain thus poor signal on Astro....

And watching our favorite team winning is a good way to end the weekend LAH!

Some people may have their own ways of deciding their favorite team....for us, its simply because we just love F1 (not really FANATIC about it but we just love it!) and we don't go for the ever-always-supremo-winning-team...we go for those that we see have potential and rather down to begin with.

Been quietly following Renault since we have our Sepang International Circuit. During those early years in knowing F1, my favorite driver was Mika Hakkinen and McLaren-Merce used to be my favorite team then, but until this year they just don't have the focus and determination like Renault does.

This may sound ridiculous but we bought a Renault with some minor "influence" from following the Renault F1 Team LAH!

Why a Renault? Simple - mainly because that's what we can afford (it's a used Scenic RXE but as good as fresh from the showroom - owner very very VERY rarely use it at all! It's actually a STEAL rather than a great deal!).

Renault is not associated with "class" in our Malaysian environment...I seriously don't think so!
Look around us lah....if you drive a:
1) Honda : "Wahhhhh! Honda ya? Must be "successful" already maaa!"
2) Merce - "Wahlauwei! Businessman "Class" horr!
3) Beamer: "Perrghh!! Kereta mewah beb! Sure got lots of money one!"
4) Volvo: " Got good working position in corporate place liau?"
5) Alfa, Fiat : "Aisehmen very "yuppy" meh!
8) Citroen: "Aiyoomaa! must be loaded this fella....maintenance sure high one!"
9) Peugeot: "Huish! Stylismo siut!"

....but a Renault..."What the.....? That lousy French brand kah?" (erk....Citroen pun French gak so is Peugeot kan kawan?!")

Eeehehehe!! What am I rambling here? I oso donno liau!!!!
Don't get me wrong! I am not saying those marks are lousy...ok here it dream/wish car list for those brands stated above:
2) Merce : AMG 55 Wagon, SILVER ARROW!
3) Beamer: X 5, Z4
4) Volvo: XC90, all time fav is 850 T5 wagon
5) Alfa,: 156, Fiat: Marea Weekender Turbo, Punto HGT
8) Citroen: C8
9) Peugeot: 607

Well anyway, we love our cars, we love our team....and the best part of it all is we enjoy living our live because we have nothing to show off / prove to the society!

We just live our live! Don't wanna compare our small family with anybody at all!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Growing Years....

Growing years....

Been away for one and a half day....conditioning session for CMU "recruits" so to a nice hotel Le meridian.....still dizzy due to lack of sleep...thanx to their free broadband connection lah!

Woke up early yesterday and went to the gym for my cardio training on my own. Then while getting ready for the day, read this:

Can't stop wondering how the baby suffered.....

The person who did that deserves to be thrown to the crocodiles....I'd be happy to do the throwing part....really hate people who do not love children....their own or not.

....half way through the day, TJ informed that her sis lost the baby that's was supposed to be delivered the next day, less than 24 hours to delivery time....the baby never had the opportunity to breathe the air....

Alisya & Naufal will be 2 years old time flies....they mean so much to me and wifey....

Mama & Ayah love you both very very dearly Kakak & Adik.....both of you are the reason why Mama & Ayah continue to breathe.....we'll never let anything stop us from loving you both..... Words cannot describe how much you mean to us, Alisya Irdina & Naufal just can't....