Thursday, March 24, 2005

F1 Marshall - FIV Team

Bravo 3 in position

As I have mentioned earlier, I was re-selected to be in the Medical Marshall Team for Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2005 in Sepang, as one of the Fast Intervention Vehicle driver.

The car is a Waja (body) but the rest of the components are prototype, tuned for SIC track. Each FIV costs joke, I am dead serious!

Initially, I was assigned to Bravo 4 with Dr Nik Azlan and Paramedic Tenni. Then we had a minor re-shuffle and the leader (Mike) decided that I will drive Bravo 3. The crew: Torque, Dr Isnul Hadi & Paramedic Yuszairy.

Hadi & Yus, my buddies!
The original driver for Bravo 3 was Abang Zul, who has been assigned to Bravo 1 this year. It is not an overstatement if I say he is the best driver in the present team.

From its station exit point, Bravo 3 coverage area starts from Turn 9 until Turn 13 . About 15 meters from the station, is another exit that would allow Bravo 3 to cover from Turn 15 onwards. This means that in the case of multiple crash incidents, Bravo 3 will the be most probable FIV to be deployed to any location in the race track. This Bravo means serious business.

The training was not as tough as 2004 but the race was definitely interesting. Being a hardcore Renault supporter, I am delighted that all Bravo 3 crews are Renault fans!

It was fun, from the training days until the end of the race day. Thank you very much to all the team members for their commitment and camaraderie, never a dull moment being with you wonderful people.......and here they are:

Our Mechanics & Engineers: You guys are the best ever!

Team Management
Dr C & Mike (Team Leader)

Jester of the track - ecececececehhhh! Kemmaiin lagi kau yek?!
Keng (a.k.a Kathi)

"Aaaa Maghi maghi maghi, Dungung, Dungung, jalang selaluh...."

Forever Ferrari Tifosi! (Oops! Check out the cap!!)
Sit (Bravo 5)

Used to be a Merce collector in UK!
Sly (Bravo 4)

McLaren's Die Hard (and Die-Cast!) Fanatic
The Kimster (Bravo 2)

Renault's Fan @ Da Sifu!
Abg Zul (Bravo 1)

Mr Sunburn of the year!
Kimi (Delta 4)

"Got breakfast, will drive" - Kimi Raikkonen's fan!
Jamie (Delta 1)

This is one phat sistah mehh!
Marina (Delta 2)

Drives a Toyota, loves the FIV,
wants to own the Enzo but a BMW-Williams Fan (baru declare)
Haszel (Delta 3)

Well...being with you all in this team, is a privilege. Thank you so much for everything!
Looking forward to the planned activities for our yet-to-be-named team, we'll be here again in 2006? Perhaps!

Oh ya.....and I do not need to mention here which team won the race laaa kan?

Team Spirit (Renault) Race Control

Alonso's & Fisico's fans!

Our team's fotosite is:

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Its Hectic

Alisya with Auntie Eju (who sponsored the bag) & Che Lie : @ PANPAC KLIA. While Mama, Alisya & Naufal spent time at the pool....daddy was with the team running around the training rooms nearby.....sheesh!

March 2005 is definitely a hectic month for me......traveling to conduct / attend training sessions, weekends on the race track, weekdays with hours flying by....Oh boy! What I miss most is the time with my kids - especially the weekend walks.

And now (in a few minutes time) I will be off to Sepang for duty and will be back only after the race ends, late Sunday afternoon.....that's five days not being with the kids and Mama!

I need a break real soon!

I'll be driving one of these...
The training sessions for Marshall Car drivers have been quite relaxing compared to last year but nevertheless, the sun is as unforgiving as always.....I'll be totally flat when I reached home but somehow, I can still search for some extra energy to clown with Alisya & Naufal, who will shout "Ayaaaahh!!! Ayyaaaahhh!!" in excitement whenever they saw me approaching the door after every trip - be it from the track or from the mindset modules training sessions. Its almost like the movie "Monster" for me.....the sound of their voices will energize me immediately! And the routine will be like I will let them bully me until they sweat and then when I feel like I am about to faint from the bashing, I'll raise the white flag and climb up the stairs to take a shower, say my prayers and doze off so that I'd be able to wake up early the next morning....prepare for the new day and off I go after kissing them & Mama goodbye.

And from today....its gonna be five days without the family....hmmm its not going to be 100% fun but I'll have to make the best out of it lah kan? Maybe a cool dip in the sungai next weekend would be nice but for now I think I have to deal with missing them and Mama a lot....luckily I have loads of their pix in my outdated-but-trustworthy T23, it helps lah.

Naufal on top of Angah's customized Millennium edition

Alisya and her favorite doll she named Acheecha

Ayah will miss you a lot Alisya, Naufal & Mama!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ahmad Raiyan Iman

Ahmad Raiyan Iman kid sister - the youngest of us three - became a mother today!
The image posted above is perhaps the first shot of the handsome guy, named Ahmad Raiyan Iman and he is SOOOOOO CUUUUTTTTEEEEE!!

Alisya loves babies and Raiyan is her first younger cousin, I wonder how it would be like when Raiyan is able to walk and talk.....must be loads of fun to see them together nanti!

Naufal, looking at his kid cousin, who - just like him when he was born - has no eye brows! And ironically, we had the intention to name him Naufal Raiyan (or Raiyan Naufal) but decided for Naufal Irsyad because it sounds better!

Mak & Abah looked very happy, since they now have 5 grandchildren....and hold on, another one is coming in April 2005!!

Next Raya is going to be very interesting - aye kids?!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Here's another one......

Well, actually did this one much earlier but forgot to post it up....
Don't know how true it is but I tend to agree, maybe just it is.

You Are a Visionary Soul

You are a curious person, always in a state of awareness.
Connected to all things spiritual, you are very connect to your soul.
You are wise and bright: able to reason and be reasonable.
Occasionally, you get quite depressed and have dark feelings.

You have great vision and can be very insightful.
In fact, you are often profound in a way that surprises yourself.
Visionary souls like you can be the best type of friend.
You are intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, and a good healer.

Souls you are most compatible with: Old Soul and Peacemaker Soul

What Kind of Blogger am I?

Came across this "acid test" while blog-hopping tonite and decided to go for it lah......
I kinda agree with the result.... huhuhuhuk!

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Busana Muslimah?

Busana Muslim, fesyen Muslimah kontemporari, gaya kasual Muslimah professional, Muslimah bergaya selesa ke pejabat....etc etc etc.

Familiar phrases huh?
I dunno, but I think it is really annoying. Using Islam as the slogan and yet not following the teachings of Islam.

I am ranting about the way some Muslimahs dressed themselves up. Nobody in particular, everybody in general, so don't get cornered to what I write here lah ok.

I took some sample from a magazine but decided not to put it up, low class photography even to a newbie like me, but you can go here to view it:

I actually sent a comment to them......waiting to see what's their response like!

In general nothing is wrong but in the real way of Islam everything is wrong! There's no two way or reasoning your way out when you are facing the ALMIGHTY later, its either you follow the HIS rule or you are out. Simple as that, so, spare the reasonings lah.

What the hell are we into nowadays? Pakai tudung tapi baju ketat nak mampus, or skirt terbelah, or palazo/pants/jeans tighter than the knots of the taligantung in Kajang prison.

Nak ikutkan, might as well tak payah pakai tudung aje, but hey, mana bleh itu macam, tak Islamic laa tak pakai tudung......

Islam by the name.....ruling by the game.....kalau suka, kira halal, kalau tak suka, ikut mung aaa nok halal ker haram....guane hok?

....I'll stick to my old seasoned khakis and old faded t'shirts, although I may look selekeh, fat and ugly, as far as aurat is concerned, I am ok.

Let's make up our mind lah.....nak gunakan Islam as an alasan aje ke, or nak betul-betul ikut cara Islam.....kubur masing-masing laa kan?