Sunday, February 20, 2005


Clowns are kinda funny and silly but some may see these silly 'creatures' as scary.....
For Naufal, on that day when we went to Alamanda (again!), I think he was just curious to find out what's this funny looking guy with a big red nose was "composing" for him...
....but Alisya has different view altogether! She was scared stiff and almost turned to a doll!!

What a big nose you have Uncle Clown?!!
Naufal, although excited, managed to "kontrol macho" when receiving a balloon teddy bear made by Uncle Clown....

The teddy bear lasted about 30 minutes....not bad, not bad at all.
Wahhhlauweii!! A big ring!
As for Alisya, Uncle Clown said, "Wahh!! Your little girl so cute one lorrr! Very cute! I make you something special lehh ahmoi..." and he did make something special for Alisya, a balloon ring...which lasted.....about 30 minutes too!

Maybe next time we go there, we'll get to see Uncle Clown again.....and kids, remind me to ask him, whether he's from Kepong or Jinjang!

A day in the park

Pool time
Apart from streams, Alisya & Naufal loves swimming pools very much. They are not afraid to just jump into a pool, especially when they have been strapped with floats. Of course we would be in the pool with them too, never want to take the risk!
We took them to the KLCC park during the CNY break. Boy....was it a blast! (Guess who had to climb up Tower 1 to settle some jobs and miss half of the funtime they had....)

Nevertheless, I managed to get a couple of decent shots. This time mostly Alisya as the main subject.

Alisya having a great time
My chubby swan!

Our little Angel
Mama said Alisya chose all those items she's wearing....hmmm.....

Alisya clowning with Mama at the fountain....

When we got back home, the twins were too exhausted......we were just glad they had a great time at the park.

Camp Picnic

During the long weekend, we went to our favourite stream twice.
The kids had their first experience of an outdoor tent and enjoying foods by the stream. They were very excited. Wonder what it would be like for their first weekend camping trip when they are old enough.....soon!
We have never used this tent. Angah gave it to me when he got back from St Louis.
My first tent was a second hand 2-men dome I bought from a friend during university days.
Those days, camping equipment were hard to get and expensive. I have been using my 2-men dome for years and decided to keep this "newer" one for my kids...
Walla!! They are here already and I decided that the tent is not mine anymore but theirs...thanx to their Pak Ngah!
Alisya's swans
We had visitors at the site.....Alisya quickly recognized them, almost like those of Swan Lake - one of Alisya's fav DVD...and she actually wanted to chase these creatures!
Of course, the main even is the water....and they don't seem to mind how deep it is.
Alisya practising her balance on the kiddie boat.
She is so relaxed in it, whether her feet touches the bottom of the stream or not.
Naufal haus!
It's always Naufal, observing the details of things around him, even a drop of water!
We are definitely going to this again and again and's the real fun in the sun!

A Pakcik and his fishnet

Got fish?
On our last outing, this Pakcik was there at our picnic site. Together with a bunch of other people, I stood in the water, close by, observing him "menjala". When he came closer to me he said : "Mandi laa, mandi, kenapa tak mandi?"
I just smiled and nodded at his remarks......and I reached for my camera to compose some pieces of arts with him being the subject. At his age (probably 60's), he seems to enjoy doing "menjala". Perhaps he just loves to be close to nature.
I wonder if I could do the same if I ever reach his age...

Do You Have A Honda?!

No, I do not have a Honda!!!

I caught this one in August 2004, while waiting for the traffic light to turn green....
Yeah, nothing wrong with the sticker, typical HONDA right?
Well then, look at the bigger picture.....

What is wrong here? It's a Toyota Wish!!!

I dunno...maybe some people have this crave for Honda to the extent that they don't realize that the wheels they are driving may actually be far better!

Like...what's with the sticker man?!! I have stickers on my rides too but get real lah dude! If its a Toyota, let it be! UNLESS...the package that comes with a Toyota Wish can get your wish granted by putting up stickers on it!! Well then, I'd better get a Toyota Wish and instead of Honda stickers, I'd put up tonnes of Hummer 2 stickers on it!!

Don't get me wrong, I kinda like Honda but the typical "Malaysian mentality" keeps me thinking twice of getting one (....well the main deciding factor is I could not afford one !! )

Look around when you drive.....the people in Hondas.... from AhBeng & AhLians who'd have something almost like a rugby post on the back of their "race tuned super lowered" cars, covered with stickers that would make rally car sponsors cry, and oh yes of course - we have "successful yuppies" bunch who'd get their first Honda as soon as they can afford to get rid of the homey brand cars they have been using - (apa kelas pakai local made car geng!), and then we have our retired pakciks & makciks who seems to act like they are 20 years younger simply because - IT'S A HONDA....

Come on...see if you can find some "common quality" in these bunch....the way they drive and treat other vehicles on the road.

Not all Honda drivers are "packaged" with the same "attitude"....but just observe the next time you are won't hurt to observe right?!

Try google search for "RiceBoy" and you'll find out more about stickers, "goal posts", overwhelming decos, attitudes yadayadayada....of some people with their cars...Hondas included.

Hondas R not about one year ago, we decided to go for a Renault instead.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

....and the hero is back!

Look who's here!

Alhamdulillah! Naufal is now back in action!!!

After a relaxing morning and afternoon, the twins went to the park in the evening. This time they bring Mama along.

Ok, just call me, I be at da park ok?

The kiddies on the buai
Naufal & Alisya went for the tallest slide.....

Hmmm...if I go now, I can definitely hit his butt!
Why do I feel like I should get up and run now?

They spent almost an hour before calling it a day

Oh-ohh! I think our time is up!

Ok kids! Time to go home now....syuhhh!! Syyuuuhhhh!!

And right now (while I am editing this) my angels are deep in their slumber....and tis about time I join them too!

Smoke On The Water

Smoke on the water.......sounds like Deep Purple's number huh?

Well, this one is for real, a natural hotspring in the Sg Congkak area, near Dusun Tua.
We have never tried this one before, maybe soon we'd go for a dip there....
Hmmmm....tomorrow is not a bad idea for a splash with the kiddies...

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Yet another short weekend

Alisya and her favourite buaian at the park

Had an "unusual" morning at the park today - Naufal could not join due to high fever.
Nevertheless, Alisya had a wonderful time on the buaian....always repeating "Buai aju aju" (buai laju laju)

Mama is also not feeling well, so we bought breakfast. Normally we do breakfast outside together, been quite a while since we bought breakfast and eat at home actually. Alisya brought the pack of nasi lemak and some kuihs on the trike since Naufal's seat was empty.

"OK Ayah...I am starving, let's eat"

Naufal was eager to see us back from the walk an attacked my camera bag to see what's in it for him......

"So....what did you buy for me Ayah?"

I hope he'll recover soon. After a visit to the doctor today, his temperature is still not stable, reaching almost 40degree celsius in the evening. Have to check his temperature often and give medicine every 4 hour.

Mak & Abah came with Danial & Durra. They went to Lala's place and from there went straight back to Segamat. If Naufal is better we'd be going to Sg Congkak. Perhaps next week we can go somewhere with them, insya-Allah.

....there have been better weekends lah, but this one is not really that bad.

Cool dip

A pond in a stream

This is one of the streams at Sg Congkak area, the first sungai Alisya & Naufal went to for a dip, when they were only about 3 months old.

Alisya & Naufal's previous sungai outing -->
(technically the pix comes with not a good exposure....but that's the challenge of taking kiddies photos!)
I have been looking forward for a cool dip with them today but unfortunately Naufal is not feeling well. Hopefully we'll get to do it next weekend. They enjoy water soooo much....and we exposed them to swimming pool - kiddie & the real pool - and sungai in the early 3 years old they will have their first camping weekend with us, something that we have in mind since the day we got married!

Well...I guess for today it would just be me & Alisya at the park, Naufal and Mama have to rest and get well soon for the planned outing.

Gotta go, anak dara aku tgh tunggu tu!

Friday, February 04, 2005

A Little House filled with two Tempurungasaurous Rex and a dead screamyx

A scene from Jurassic Park 99 1/2........

On Hari Wilayah , our little homey experienced a really sudden lightning strike....the PC went "weng" and till this moment I can't get my ThinkPad to work with the screamyx adsl modem - which I think may have also kicked the bucket...

Need to rebuild the PC - diagnosis by The Great Kudeen seems be leading to the conclusion that I may need to get a new MoBo, VGA card and while at it might as well get more RAM, bigger HDD, another DVD-combo and to be safe, a surge protector for electricity and phone line....hey how about a wifi router to add more to the "damage"....

.....sheesh...where did I put my money printing machine.....

Ahh well!! For now, the old Slowmyx dialup will do just fine lah!

On that same day the screamyx went dead, I realized (yet again) how lucky we are, to have two T-Rex (read: tempurungasaurous rex) in our little homey.

Can't think of any better way to spend a day than chasing them and being chased by them around the park and our little living the speed rate they are going (inspired by Dash of the Incredibles) I may fit into a size 34 pants one year (yeah right!)

...its Friday and hopefully Saturday will come soon!!

The Tempurung Look

Say Mama...are we somehow related to Jugah?

That's my handsome boy....

Naufal...remind Ayah not to let Mama do my hair!

Another day at the park

Maaza taro-taro?!

Latest edition of "the twins"
...check out the hair do.....Mama punya kerja!